Big Brother Can Watch Better Now

September 26, 2005 at 11:58 am (WTF)

Found on Fark

Banker Gets ID Chip Implant

To help publicize a company that makes microchips that can be implanted in humans for identification purposes, a prominent San Francisco banker got “chipped” Monday so that his living will is just a scan away if he ever becomes seriously ill.

Before some 40 investors and entrepreneurs in San Francisco, Jon Merriman, chairman and CEO of investment firm Merriman Curhan Ford & Co., was injected with a rice-sized radio frequency identification (RFID) tag in his upper arm.

Mr. Merriman said he got “chipped” partly to support Florida-based VeriChip, saying he was “taking one for the team.” He also said he wanted the chip to enable swift access to his living will information should he became disabled.

The chip was an answer to his “increasing paranoia of having the specific provisions in his living will executed” in a worst case scenario, said Mr. Merriman, who does not have any serious medical conditions.

I didn’t post the whole article, which you can find here, because the gist of the idea’s in this portion. The article does go on to comment about “possible privacy issues” that make acceptance of RFID chipping for humans difficult.

Difficult? I should fucking say SO! The whole idea reminds me of a little ugly guy with a mustache from Austria marking people he wanted to exterminate with a tattooed number. Hitler wanted to make certain he gassed the right folks, and not his “Master Race.”

I just wonder how long it’ll be before some asshat, either in this Administration or the next, decides that certain “special” groups should carry an RFID. I’m sure there’ll be a wonderful, sane-sounding on the outside excuse such as, “If (insert disenfrachisable group such as Pagans, Wiccans, Gays, HIV-positive folk, etc etc ad nauseaum) are caught in a disaster such as Hurricane Katrina, emergency workers should know about it, and…(continue with bullshit designed to make marking groups that Bush’s buddies live to shit on palatable)”

I know my faithful genius readers won’t buy into it any more than I would, but what about the dipshits that put Bush in office in the first place? I find it a scary thought.


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