Don’t Even ASK How Old I Am!

September 28, 2005 at 1:18 pm (Daily Dookie, WTF)

Unless you’re a close fambly friend like gldnrtvr, who can already make an educated guess, or Beo, who should have already known, or my mom so that I can rub it in that she’s SOOOO much older than I am (ancient, I believe I told Beo to tell her).

Yeah, today’s the day–it’s my birthday, and so far I’ve gotten an entire game server full of people Ye Olde Mailing, a few on my IM list (including a funny rendition of “Happy Birfday” from the BeoJavBoBeoJavBoBeoJav), a friend of Honey’s dug a gift certificate out of his car that he undoubtedly won somewhere (it’s been in the car awhile from the looks of it, and he didn’t remember it was my birthday until he called, two minutes from the house), and surprises hanging like the Sword of Damocles. Although the hanging suprises are from folks who always rock my socks on my birthday, so I’m not worried. Just antsy.

Honey’s making chocolate fudge cake and chocolate frosting as we speak. Pizza (Garand’s choice, as his birthday’s tomorrow and Honey’s family is doing the combo-party) will be had later–one his favorite, one mine. Honey keeps dropping present hints, but he took me to Holly’s RenFest over Labor Day weekend and H’sMa arranged for me to get my hair cut and colored, so I don’t figure they should do anything more.

So, the day’s young and I’m not. I’m getting used to it.


Update: Beo sent me the prettiest autumn bouquet, with roses, carnations, little bitty flowers I don’t know the name of, several other flowers I don’t know the names of….will post a pic if the camera will cooperate.


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