October 2, 2005 at 9:06 pm (Rant Goodness, The initials are)

Yeah, I'm the bitch who knows everything tonight. I know it all, and it is all pissing me off.

Here's the list:

1. There's been a three-day fight going on with one of my discussion lists. If I didn't know better (and I really don't) I'd swear that disciples of Gary Young have infiltrated it just to stir shit with those on the list who qualify as experts (unlike Gary Young, who qualifies as the same sort of person as Miss Cleo. If you're thinking "cock-juggling thundercunt", you'd be entirely correct). I'm getting tired of it even as I realize the necessity of debunking the piles of bullshit being spread as Gospel concerning use of essential oils. So I stew, letting the experts (the REAL experts) handle it, getting more sick of the bullshit by the post.

2. One great big smack upside the head to the guy in my LotGD clan who thinks threatening death to those who don't join our clan is a way to win friends and influence people. No wonder his daughter quit our clan yesterday. And fuck no, we're not still going to obliterate the clan whose leader basically groveled and knelt at my feet yesterday, begging me not to kill his mostly-noob clan. You're just going to have to go be a heartless prick elsewhere.

3. For the hundredth time, there is no Apple essential oil (EO), no Lilac essential oil, no Cool Citrus Basil EO, no Cherry anything EO, and there sure as fuck is not any such thing as Love Spell EO! And, for the thousandth time, IF IT DOES NOT COME FROM A PLANT, ROOT, FLOWER OR OTHER LIVING THING POSSESSING VOLATILE OILS, IT IS NOT FUCKING DOG-DAMNED AROMATHERAPY, YOU LYING BOOTLICKING BITCHES!

3a. Good, organic, Helichrysum Italicum essential oil from Corsica, can be had for $45 for 4 ml, if one knows a wonderful person who ran a co-op (read: no profit made, charges cover costs only) and still has some at a very special price compared to the bigger sites at $197.50 per ounce (minimum order–most places run higher prices on smaller amounts). If someone (name removed due to whining) is selling fucking Heli from Europe (yeah right, WHERE in fucking Europe?) for $15 per OUNCE (as of Sunday night her website proves she is), there is something fucked up about it and HELL no you shouldn't buy it! Even if she used slave labor, distilled the entire field of 40 acres herself, blew her own fucking glass to put it in, and walked it to your front door she would not be able to sell what she claims she has for that price. Do your fucking homework, people!

4. This list could go on all night but I'll cut it short with three words:



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