For Mr. K and His Goldendoodle

October 9, 2005 at 11:34 am (Funny Shit)

From Fark:

Dog-friendly car takes a bow-wow

AFTER the people mover, here comes the dog carrier. Honda is to unveil the first car designed specifically for drivers with regular canine passengers.

The vehicles will have a number of features to allow dogs to travel in style, including a glove box that converts into a kennel for smaller breeds and built-in water bowls similar to cupholders.

The model, called the Wow (as in bow-wow), will be unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month. It is designed to have six seats in three rows; the middle row converting into pens to hold dogs too large for the glove-box kennel. The floor is covered with wood, rather than carpet, to make cleaning up easier. The rear door has a compartment that is designed to keep accessories such as leads, brushes and a pooper-scooper.

Although the Wow remains a concept car, Honda hopes that a similar model will eventually go into production and is already introducing a line of “travel dog” motoring accessories for its current line-up.

These will include built-in water bowls, front and rear seat harnesses, electric blankets and special blankets to mask the odour of smelly dogs. They will come in four scents: grass, forest, farmyard or beach.

Let’s see…getting a car with a decent child restraint system is not possible, but you can get one where the glove compartment converts to a kick-me dog KENNEL? I know the auto industry everywhere is suffering, but think about how much money went into this concept car, and how that money could have been put to use just lowering the costs on the cars now in production?

Granted that concept cars are the forerunners for the new and the cool, but for fuck’s sake, how do manufacturers justify wasting money on such fringe concepts while they make sure their customers don’t have money to spend on their cars because their fucking jobs are outsourced to India?

Considering I don’t have any car at all right now, the last thing I’d consider purchasing is a car designed especially with my Beagle in mind–I want one that works wonderfully for MY ass, NOT hers!


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