Blog Maintenance

October 11, 2005 at 12:06 pm (Housekeeping)

Hiya everyone.

It’s been blog maintenance day over here at SSS’s Whiplash Smile. It looks like Tom’s Top Blogs is back up so you can respond to my constant need to be on top by voting again if you like. I should just dump the thing, but I still have this sick belief that the #1 blog on any list should never be one that steals material without the common sense to at least credit it back to me and to quit sucking my Photobucket bandwidth and put it on your own image host Mike you putz.

I moved the hot list into the regular list, and added five new blogs. Kevin Smith doesn’t blog often, but when he does it’s usually everyday insanity, better than you come here for.

Hearing Mr. K’s head explode over the structure of the last sentence. Sorry, dude.

Osbasso‘s site is really good too, and I’m not just talking about HNT, which I will not be jumping into in the near future due to such pictorials making Beo‘s head explode faster than EDTA in a vampire’s bloodstream. Scary Personals is a special brand of snark triggered by Scared Bunny’s creator taking on the job of approving personal ad photos for some online dating site. You’d think he’d know better than to fuck with the obviously insane, but apparently he hasn’t learned his lesson. The Dive Bar Verses is listed for those in need of a Darker-than-Moi read, and Stranded in Suburbia is another metro Detroit area lady with lots to say. Reminds me–thanks for the turn-on to Laurie’s work, Se7en.

I’m sure I’ve missed adding someone I’ve been meaning to add–if you think that’s you, leave me a comment and I’ll get it rectified. Even if you don’t think it’s you but think I should add your link anyhow, leave a comment. If you especially don’t want me adding your link, comment anyhow, just so I know who to abuse.


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