October 27, 2005 at 9:02 pm (The initials are)

I can't believe I'm back here with another post. I'd not intended to mention LN by name again, but she's given up harassing nuns for Samhain (Christian, my poshly-scented ass! She's no more Christian than Anton LaVey) and gone back to picking on unsuspecting soapers.

In the last week she's declared herself the Morals Police. I can't believe this. She actually quit selling to a soaper I know a little, claiming she doesn't want to be associated with the website's marketing angle.

Look–all y'all–go see this nice lady's website. No, it's not LN's–it's the site of a woman she's harassing, claiming a degree in marketing (cough*bullshit*cough) that supposedly gives her the right to tell this woman her site's unprofessional, obscene and morally horrible. I completely disagree; you be the judge. Look for the nekkid soaps section and feel free to give her the nice business she deserves.

In addition, she's decided to tell the world that a supplier I know to be hardworking, honest and fabulous in many ways that this supplier doesn't know what she's doing. That's utter bullshit and I buy from this great lady every chance I get.

I'm certain this isn't all that's going on, since I'm finding a lot of search engine hits looking for The Demented Prevaricatrix, so I'll list a few archive pages so you can find my earlier rants about this psychotic bitch.

Number One (some of my better bitching)

Number Two

Those are the two I can find right now–I'll update the post if needed.


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