Tales My Site Meter Tells

November 17, 2005 at 5:04 pm (WTF)

I've been flipping thru my Site Meter again, wondering at the rise in readership. I usually get one with these LN posts, or if I mention an American Idol, or Canadian porn, but I haven't done anything like that in quite awhile. It made me wonder, so I looked at the hits. As usual, there's some that make sense, and sprinkled in between (like sand in the vaseline) there's some that make no sense at all.

1. "How to make whipped shea butter" This one makes total sense, because back when I first started blogging I did a post on trying a new method of making it. For the person looking, check here for a great formula, one you can alter to match the oils you have on hand. My riot-starting Shea Lip Balm is also there, third formula down.

2. "Electric Bong" Considering I've only ever even used one once, never owned one and in the face of hideous Michigan seizure laws sure wouldn't dream of doing it now, I have no idea how someone got here from there. I couldn't actually find my link in the search, but I only looked thru 10 pages and got bored. I do suspect that it has something to do with this article about using Google as a way to break into computerized household systems, but the only computerized system here is Garand's porn machine. Note to the searcher: You're seriously barking up the wrong tree here. Better luck elsewhere.

3. "HALO 2 pitchers" Again, I'm not sure how I got a hit from this since nothing linking here appears. I haven't even so much as played this game.

4. "Eddie Guerrero" This one's pretty obvious. What's not obvious is why I'm getting all the hits. As an update on the cause of Eddie's death–heart failure from a hard life. All the sources I find say Eddie Guerrero was clean at the time of his death.

5. "Drunken Sex Slunts.com" Even stranger, I'm the #1 result.

In other interesting searches, I'm the #48 Yahoo hit for snootch. I'm surprised I'm ranked that high, but finding this blog linked anywhere but on the blogrolls listed over there on the left still makes me grin like a retard.

By the bye, if you're in my blogroll and haven't linked me yet, could you please do so? Thanks.


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