RbW Poster Child of the Week

November 30, 2005 at 8:40 pm (Raised by Wolves)

Do you ever wonder where some people get their strange, distorted, erroneous, dumbassed views on some subjects? I do but I've been at a loss as to how to highlight the most truly deluded specimens. Of course, I wouldn't be writing this post if I hadn't found the solution.

I'm starting the Raised by Wolves Poster Child of the Week.

This week's Poster Child came to my attention via a blog I've never run into before, The Daily Blitz. I'm going back there in a bit to do some reading, but this Craigslist ad just begs for someone to answer this ad, claiming to be June Cleaver's porn star sister, who happens to have two degrees from Harvard, only to reveal that he's actually a 6'10" professional wrestler when they finally meet.

One small quote, sufficient to set the Women's Rights Movement back 100 years:

I have heard girls get upset about this. They say, "it is not my job to be sexy all the time," or "It is not my job to meet your definitions of sexy." And I say, bullshit. Have you never stepped outside? Who raised you? It IS your job. It may not be your job to be sexy ALL the time, but you better believe it is your job to be sexy when you are around me, my friends, our friends, and the neighbors. I am not saying you have to dress up, I am only saying you need to figure out where/what and how to create your sexiness and make sure I agree with it.

I would have to hurt this clueless motherfucker. No, it wouldn't be the "I've tried and tried and I'm afraid we're just not as compatible as we first thought when I tossed your salad and let you spooge all over my breasts." It would be the, "Why, yes, it is a new baseball bat. I bought it with your credit card so that after I beat you to a bloody pulp with it, I can dump it beside your lifeless, clueless ASS!"

That, for me, would be truly finding my inner sexiness. Fuck him if he doesn't approve.


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