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December 16, 2005 at 6:00 am (Your Psychic Fiend)

It’s Ask Your Psychic Fiend time again, ladies, germs, and others. I’ve finally convinced YPF that I am going to give her a cinnamon essential oil douche if she doesn’t behave this week, so I’m going to let her answer your questions once again.

For those new to the blog, you post your questions in the comments section of this post, then the little sociopath answers them. Heaven help her if she mouths off this week. Here’s hoping that the little wench behaves decently. She’s been a good little psycho the last two weeks, so I might be pushing it.

Here’s the asswaiver:

Note that the “Ask Your Psychic Fiend” feature is for entertainment purposes only. “Ask Your Psychic Fiend” is water-soluble, non-non-toxic, and Haz Mat Category IV. If “Ask Your Psychic Fiend” catches fire, do not attempt to fight it–call 911, scream your death scream, put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye. Do not ask questions which might expose any confidential issues, identities, relationships or other sensitive topics. If you’re easily offended, don’t post a question, because you’re likely to really fucking hate the answer. Do not taunt Your Psychic Fiend. Psychic Fiend is a trademark-pending product of Knightdreams, Inc. All rights and copyrights are reserved to D. J. Lovely. All answers are meant in good fun–in other words, if you can’t take a joke then don’t Ask Your Psychic Fiend anything because you won’t like the answers.

Oh, and fuck you if you can’t take a joke.

I’ll stick this post to the top of the blog, with more recent posts under it. I still have a little ways to go on the project I’m working on, but if I get time I’ll blog a little before I let YPF have the floor.

***Tired of the million tedious checks you do each week, trying to find out if it’s time yet? I set up an announcement-only list for folks who just need to know. Two posts a week, always from me, no spammage allowed.


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