Ginger and Bloggin’ Biznatches

January 2, 2006 at 3:51 pm (Daily Dookie, Other Bloggers)

Well, less than an hour after I posted my “Rent My Blog” offer I have a renter! Please go give Bloggin’ Biznatch a look. I like her attitude, the template’s very nice and I’m looking forward to adding her to my daily reads. Thanks, BB, for renting space here.

Last night, I was upstairs trying to block out the latest round of high-pitched bitching about who watches what on the downstairs TV (I really have to talk to Honey about that tendency of his to let his voice get into the “Only Dogs Can Hear” range when he’s upset) when I caught an episode of Mythbusters. I like the show–it appeals to the mad scientist in me. One of their segments came to the conclusion that ginger works for motion sickness–I’m surprised that I forgot about that nausea cure. I think I’ll swipe Honey’s box of ginger Altoids and give them a shot. Wish me luck.

*Note to the natural-cure folk out here: Don’t use Ginger EO, use the fresh or dried root–the essential oil smells like moldy, aged ASS. I used to soap a blend of Ginger EO and Orange EO; I sorta liked it but just didn’t get the effect I wanted. I continue to lust after some Ginger CO2 extract so I can get the scent I want.


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