January 2, 2006 at 12:10 pm (Housekeeping, Other Bloggers)

Hi, everyone,

Yeah, I still feel like someone’s put roofies in my drink (and by roofies I mean arsenic and by drink I mean Mountain Dew) so I’m not as with it as I prefer to be. I tried to get off the liquid diet yesterday and symptoms returned, so I’m back to ramen and milkshakes spiked with Instant Breakfast for meals. Honey’s having fits at me as is his mom over the lack of intake, but I can’t help that. I’m more disturbed by what my body does with other food than I am about their nagging. It’s hard to take them seriously when they piss themselves if I haven’t eaten five meals a day.

Speaking of Honey, he’s now a member of the Flowers in the Attic community. He stayed home from work today with the same symptoms I have and is occupying his usual chair while his mom bitches about him watching the Science Channel. That’s fine with me. I have her scarf to finish and he takes up so much room in the bed that I can’t get comfy and knit when he’s there. The scarf’s looking gorgeous–it’s a baby alpaca/silk blend yarn in Wild Rose that I got from KnitPicks (The site was down when I posted, but is restored now. I used Elegance yarn here.) with advice from the Evilly Scientifically Engaged One. (By the way, WHOOOHOOOO Regan and Kev!) I love working with it so much I’m going to score some more for scarves for my mom and myself soon. Honey, on the other hand, wants a thick bulky scarf in rag wool, heather color. I’m having some twouble finding that yarn so it’ll have to wait until I locate it.

I’ve done a little housecleaning on the sidebar, ridding myself of useless linkage and blogs that haven’t updated since July and moving last round’s hot blogs into the regular lineup. There’s five new ones listed for your pleasure, as always.

What? is Cass’ personal blog. She’s got some really excellent artwork, and I like her attitude in general, so go check her out.

Pikkel WeeZel is a fun and crabby bastard. I wish he’d post more often but I’ll take what I can get.

Forward Ho
has been a regular read for awhile for me. Val’s got a “Day in the Life” going on with some well thought out posts. Val, I’ll have a special note for you at the end of this post.

5th Circle of Cubic Hell
is hilarious. I’ve been quite fond of these folk, so now they’re added to the blogroll.

I Talk 2 Much is a blog review blog, run by some great folks (and by great I mean caustic and funny as hell). I haven’t had the nerve to submit my blog yet, but I’m scrinching it up as we speak.

The Rock Bitch is a new read for me, found originally when she was renting blog space from Laurie. She’s funny, smart, bitchy, and entertaining all around.

Go show these folks some luv–no need to say I sent you because while Val and Cass know me, I don’t think the rest do. I just lurk and admire from afar.

I owe a major apology to Val. So, here it is:

Val, I’m so sorry I haven’t gotten your oils out yet. I tried again today to pack them and every time I open a bottle of anything aromatic I’m running to leave an offering to the Porcelain God Ralph (including the Lavender, which shouldn’t do this to me but is indeed). I will keep trying and I hope to get this out to you ASAP. You’ve waited far too long and should you feel the need to chew me out, my comment section is open to you, as is my email.

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll be picking up Ask Your Psychic Fiend again Wednesday with the Comment Me Now post, and I’ll likely be taking renters from Blog Explosion. I’ve found some nifty bloggers that way, so I think I’ll open the spot on my own this year and see how it goes.

EDIT: Yeah, I know there’s six new blogs listed. Deal.


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