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January 6, 2006 at 6:00 am (Your Psychic Fiend)

Good evening everyone! If it’s not evening, then you’re slacking on your blog-reading and time-wasting, since I’m posting this Wednesday night.

It’s time once again for Ask Your Psychic Fiend, the meme that asks you to post personal questions in the comments at the Comment Me Now post (that would be this one), then does her smartassed best to piss you off with the answers. Answers are posted Friday when YPF is allowed to use the computer. I have to limit her time on the blog because she’s just too obnoxious for words and if she wants more time she can start her own fucking blog.

Here’s the rules:

Note that the “Ask Your Psychic Fiend” feature is for entertainment purposes only. “Ask Your Psychic Fiend” is Boone’s Farm-soluble, non-non-toxic, and Haz Mat Category IV. Do not ask questions which might expose any confidential issues, identities, relationships or other sensitive topics you’re not willing to take shit about–I don’t actively seek to embarass people, but there’s trolls out on the Net. If you’re easily offended, don’t post a question, because you’re likely to really fucking hate the answer. Do not microwave Your Psychic Fiend. Psychic Fiend is a trademark-pending product of Knightdreams, Inc. All rights and copyrights are reserved to D. J. Lovely no matter which of her multiple personalities claim responsibility for the creative work. All answers are meant in good fun–in other words, if you can’t take a joke then don’t Ask Your Psychic Fiend anything because you won’t like the answers.

Oh, and fuck you if you can’t take a joke.

This post is stuck to the top of the blog until Friday at 6 am, so you’ll find other posts underneath it until I let YPF have her time.


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