It’s Official!

January 9, 2006 at 2:01 pm (Daily Dookie, Soaping and Knitting)

JoAnn can suck my poshly-scented snootch! I found the Holy Grail of knitting, right here in Southeastern Michigan! I am officially no longer ever EVAR forced to enter the den of iniquity that is the JoAnn store in Novi or the nest of vipers that is the Brighton store. I do not feel the need to cuss about the Two Stories of Doom or the Yuppie War Zone. Instead, I heartily hork a loogie in both their general directions! Their mommas wear combat boots. Their mothers are hamsters, and their fathers smelt of ellllderberry! Now they shall go away, before I taunt them a second time-h!

Today, I visited The Knitting Den in South Lyon, and am kicking myself for waiting this long. I’d noticed it on Lafayette Street, but hadn’t had the time to stop in or the inclination to fight traffic to get in the driveway. It’s set up in an old house, renovated to handle the ooodles of yummy yarns, tasty tools, and gotta-haves for the knitting fiend. If there’s a yarn you like to work with, they carry it–alpacas, wools, merinos, silks, cottons…I could have made a serious dent in my wallet if my back hadn’t gently explained to me that more roaming around the store would make it start shrieking filthy names of pain.

Long story short, The Knitting Den is a wonderful place to get tools (VERY reasonably priced), accessories, yarns, patterns, pretty much anything to do with knitting. They do hold classes, for which I asked to be sent a schedule, so I can learn to do the fun things I’ve been seeing online. I’ll definitely be going back there after drawing out only the cash I want to spend and leaving checkbook and credit cards at home.

Yep, I’ll only take in what I can afford to not have when I walk out, just like I do when I go to a casino. I won’t be walking away empty-handed, true, but I won’t be tempted to spend the rent either.


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