A Troll Baby of My Very Own

January 10, 2006 at 10:12 am (Other Bloggers)

Good morning everyone! This is just a quick post to introduce my new BE renter, Karen over at Troll Baby. I’d found her while surfing blogs there and I’m very happy she’s come to stay for a week. Go ahead and click the thumbnail on her blog or click here to go check her out. She’s smart, funny, snarky…everything I’ve come to enjoy in a blog.

I might add she’s also running a contest for a free blog template to introduce her web designs to the Net. I like her work and I did enter to get a template for my other blog, so go over there and put an entry in too!

I’m renting at some nice places this week as well. You already know Laurie from Stranded in Suburbia, and I’m really pleased she’s letting me crash at her blog. I also am renting space at The Monaco Manifesto, a cynical soul’s look at life (right up my alley and a new regular read). Both these landords are da bomb–I couldn’t ask for a better place to rent. Thanks, both of you, for an excellent chance to get noticed.

I’m renting space at two other blogs, but since I’m not particularly pleased with the treatment I’ve gotten there, I’m not going to comment. Well, perhaps I will when the deal ends with one blog, but I’m going to hold off until the end so I have the final results and can truly bitch well. At this point I don’t think I could get less exposure there, but of course I could be wrong.


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