January 14, 2006 at 12:28 pm (Housekeeping)

It’s Saturday, and in the home I was raised in, that means it’s time to clean house. Time to move last week’s Hot Bloggers list into the main list, time to make a new Hot Bloggers list, and time to clean up in general. I didn’t remove any blogs this week because I suspect I accidentally removed some I didn’t mean to last week. If you’re pissed because I removed your blog, email me and I’ll let you know if it was done on purpose or not.

Now for this week’s shout-outs:

I Want to be Donna Reed is a new blogger’s venture. Amber’s a mommy of two who writes about the things that go on in her head as she meets her new challenges. She’s on a well-deserved vacation right now but she’ll be home again very soon.

SpiderWalk is a fairly new-to-me blog with insightful writing, excellent photographs and heaping helpings of snark. I’m already a fan and it’s my pleasure to add her to the roll here at Whiplash Smile.

You Knit What? is something anyone who knows a knitter will say at least once in their lifetime. This blog highlights the fug that can come with the fun. I’d say more here but you just have to go see what I mean to truly understand.

Suburban Turmoil is a blog I found via my week’s rental at Stranded in Suburbia (BIG props to Laurie–she really knows how to make a bitch feel welcome, and I’d rent from her again anytime she wants). I don’t know why anyone calls this a Mommy blog except for the fact that Lucinda is actually a mommy–she’s everything I look for in a blogger and she’s a riot to read.

Bitchet is another blog I’ve come to like because she was first gracious enough to visit me here via Laurie’s blog. I don’t get to her place as often as I’d like because she doesn’t have an RSS feed, but I try to get over there as often as I can. Once again, a smart, funny, no-nonsense person and a good read.

If you haven’t had a chance to go visit Karen yet, go do it now before she has to move on. She’s this week’s renter and it’s been a pleasure having her here.

I think I’m finally back to what passes for normal here. That means I should be getting caught up this week. Do whatever voodoo chants you like to offer prayers that I stay healthy please. I have a lot to do.


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