I’m My Own Grampaw

January 15, 2006 at 6:04 pm (WTF)

Remember this post where I asked my fan in Ypsilanti to come out and play?

I'm a total redneck inbred loser moron dipshit.

No, really I am.

Check it out: Apparently the ignore I placed on my own IP with Site Meter either expired or my IP's not as static as I imagined it was, because those hits from Ypsi are My. Fucking. Hits. I realized this when I went to HaloScan to see if my lurker buddy had commented on the blog. I compared about a handful of IPs to the SiteMeter info and sure as a dog returns to the scene of a shit, those are all my stoopid hits. Here I thought I'd picked up a new reader to join you other two, and it's just me.

Sorry to get you all excited. Maybe we'll get a new reader someday.


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