January 19, 2006 at 7:52 pm (Daily Dookie)

Well, it's been a day. Some good, some painful.

It's day 2 of a migraine for me. It's either a migraine or some asshole kicks me in the head when I'm not looking. I got halfway thru something I needed to do, but will have to finish tomorrow, and spent the rest of the day wondering why my right eye is watering and trying to catch the little kicking bastard. When I get hold of him he's going in the can YPF normally haunts.

I did get a package UPS today, which was very welcome. I got the replacement flask for my press pot. Once again I am allowed to escape the brown water substituted for coffee in this house and can get back to goodness. YAY! And just in time for Ask YPF tomorrow. She is back, by the way, and I'll let her tell you about it tomorrow.

I'm heading back to a cool washcloth, some Peppermint EO on a cloth (the Peppermint-Lavender blend I usually use is making matters worse, which is very strange), and Disc 2 of Season 1 of Firefly. I love having it commercial free–too nice! It's tops on the DVD wish list now.


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