January 30, 2006 at 12:07 pm (Housekeeping, Other Bloggers)

Housekeeping's late this week. Seems to be the story of my life–Ask YPF was late too, and all because the little midget in my right sinus cavity won't stop with the kicking. Bastard. As always, I picked five new blogs to add to the blogroll, and as always I have a wonderful renter that you should go visit.

This week's renter is Joisey Girl, over at Thought Bubbles. I love the humorous way she looks at life–she's not terribly pessimistic, but she does have some stellar snarky moments going on. Go see her by clicking the thumbnail, or clicking here, and tell her Serra sent yer butt over.

I've also added five new blogs down there under Hot Bloggers on the sidebar–all fun stuff, so go take a look.

Mr. Fabulous is the author of Pointless Drivel, which, IMHO, is neither. He's much more pertinent than the title of the blog lets on, and definitely a good read. I found him thru his comments here and today discovered his good taste in linking to Whiplash Smile, so he makes the blogroll for several reasons.

Overthink is another blog I discovered via hits on my SiteMeter. Christine's "day in the life" blogging style is refreshing. She's honest always and by turns she's funny, thoughtful, slightly snarky and always a good read.

Cat With A Pen is one I discovered by wandering around Blog Explosion. She's not your average blogger. You'll find bluntly honest discussions on the issues she's dealt with and at times still living with, all treated with her insight and excellent writing ability. I look forward to each new post, and you will too.

Divinities is a bluntly self-studying take on leaving the zero and finding the hero. Here, Laurie frankly deals with a situation I'm sure many of us have been in. Having left a very bad relationship, she's now found a wonderful man, but finds herself examining everything she feels and sees in minute detail in order to be certain she's found something more real and wonderful than she thought possible. The writing is good and I find that much of her material here speaks to me deeper than I like to admit. Excellent stuff, folks, go check it out.

Chatty at Whatchu Tawkin Bout was last week's renter, and I've added her as a daily read. I particularly liked today's post, even tho I didn't comment, about attending the wake of one of her former students. Deep when it's necessary, Chatty can also slap out the snark with the best of us.

Once I get caffeinated (and waffled up–Honey's cranking out chocolate waffles this morning as I type this), I'll be posting about my mentholated bra.

Stay tuned!


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