And Now, For Something Completely Different

February 2, 2006 at 8:25 pm (Other Bloggers, Pop Culture on Parade)

This week's renter is completely different than the blogs I usually choose, which is a major reason I've picked Scooter's blog from the pile of rent bids this week. Normally I like writers who stick to either their current lives, their past lives (in whatever sense you need that to be), or other types of funny stuff. Scooter writes Scooter's 9th Green, a look at pop culture thru the eyes of a young guy from Ohio.

This isn't a gossip blog–far from it. It's more an examination of what he sees and what relevance (if any) it has. He's a big fan of a more modern type of music than I am (another reason he's here–y'all know I'm just an old dinosaur) and even though I recognize few of his picks, he's interesting and if I stick with reading him, perhaps I'll find a second album recorded after 1990 to add to the CD collection.

Go here or click the thumbnail under my pussy on the sidebar to go check out Scooter's 9th Green.

oh, and…



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