Housekeeping and general update

February 9, 2006 at 12:36 pm (Daily Dookie, Housekeeping, Other Bloggers)

Hi, all. Time for some housekeeping (I refuse to say "blogkeeping" because it sounds annoying to think it, let alone type it out). Strap in–there's a bit of material to cover and I don't want this to be a huge post. I have bitching to do tonight after this.

1. This week's renter–I don't have one right this second. The "rent this inch" is up over at BE; hit the thumbnail to go get it. If you're really highly interested in renting space here, scream in the comments so I know to look for your ass in the avalanche of bids.

2. New blogs in the blogroll–Vince at Ramblings and Musings gets an apology. I thought I'd added him eons ago, but no, so he's in this week's update. Anything Goes is Inana's home on the Net, excellent reading and very smart lady. No, I will not fix your computer is Beagle heaven today–go look at the most recent post–awww, FACES! Purty little Beagle FACES! I'm not going to explain Fruit Loops and Porn to you–that title alone should make you want to click yer butts over there and find out for yourself.

Angela's Updates is the blog of a soaper I know, started after the fire that turned her home into a total loss. This lady's had crap to deal with that'd make the Pope say "fuck" and I really admire her grace in handling everything shooting down the shit sluice at her right now. She could use an unusual sort of hand right now, so do check this post especially, since we're at massively low resources right now and I can't even help her with her one request. The best I can do is bring it to the attention of those who may be able to help, and this I do right now. Go look and help if you can.

Ask Your Psychic Fiend is going to become a less regular feature here at Whiplash Smile. I love it, you love it, but once a week is just a huge job. You're feeling the strain of coming up with the questions; I'm feeling the drain of coming up with new ways to punish the bitch that lives inside my head. Currently she's tied up and being forced to watch Garand do whatever he does in his room. All I'm hearing is muffled screams, so he hasn't thought about the fact that something with a snootch is tied up in his room and is at his total mercy. I'll keep you posted on further developments.

I think that's it for now–I just noticed Blogger's about to have a "scheduled outage" so I'll bitch tomorrow.


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