February 19, 2006 at 10:06 am (Housekeeping)

It's been a quiet week here at Chez Ptomaine as once again my lack of dental coverage comes back to bite me in the ass. One tooth's cracked; the other is abcessed. Between the two I'm having no trouble avoiding my future mother-in-law's cooking, since the cracked tooth is on one side and the abcess is on the other. I feasted this morning on a very soft scrambled egg with sharp cheddar cheese, with strawberry yogurt for dessert. Bleh–wanted pancakes but I'm sure it's a bad idea right now.

Enough of my whining–on to housekeeping.

I have a new renter this week. 3T (for Third Time's a Charm) from Stumbling Through Life With Grace has agreed to be associated with us here at Whiplash Smile. She seems like a nice, quiet, thoughtful lady until you realize that she's sucked you in with her tongue-in-cheeck sense of humor and the ability to keep a straight face while spinning some incredible stories (I'm referring to the guest blogging she did last week–link's on her site and they're funny as hell). Go check her out by clicking the link up there or over on the sidebar.

I've put five more new bloggers up in the Hot Bloggers list:

Southern Circle of Hell–I ran into this one after seeing a comment by the author, who uses the screen name Big Pissy. I just HAD to go see what the hell that was all about, and in the process found a wonderful new blog. Enjoy–I do!

DetroitWonk–Excellent Detroit area group blog. Resources, events, auto industry news.

Defective Yeti–More fun than a barrel of sock monkeys making Peep porn.

Mental Furball–Because I'm a bad blog buddy again. I thought I'd linked to this Amber; I hadn't. I'm doing it now. You may administer my thirty lashes with a wet noodle when I'm better.

Lip Schtick–See "Mental Furball"

There! All swept up and neat and tidy for this time around. If you have a great blog that belongs on the sidebar, prove it by commenting.


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