March 8, 2006 at 1:32 pm (Housekeeping)

It’s that time again, time to update the blog’s sidebar and introduce my Renter this week.

First, let’s note the cute little BlogMad button I picked up this morning. It’s another traffic service, but this one seems to make more of my surfing time than BE. There’s also the fact that the nitwits at BE declined letting me list my non-profane, innocuous blog Scented Business. Let’s see, they’ll take blogs that consist soley of pictures of underage Asian women’s asses, but a non-spam business blog created to allow the easily offended to see my soaping and knitting goodies isn’t allowed? Yeah, I got your “allowed,” BE, and it may result in my taking your shit off here and dedicating the space to people who aren’t so infatuated with their own self-importance.

Holler to my email, by the bye, if you’re seeking BlogMad invites. I haven’t looked at that section yet so give me a reason to go play with it.

The problem with that threat is that I’ll miss my super cool BE renters, such as this week’s tenant Gidget Bones. I find such cool tenants and wonderful new blogs this way that I’d sure miss it if I didn’t have it. Gidget Bones is a most interesting UK camper, with a much different outlook than you’re used to here. Welcome, Gidget and Dark Marcy–this should be a really fun week.

I’ve picked several new blogs to list this week for various reasons. Here they are:

Dead Guy: The Cartoon–You already know how I like my humor here–twisted, slightly perverse and a bit dark. Dead Guy fits the bill nicely. Recently it’s become syndicated in newspapers but since I ignore newpapers I’m glad I can read this one online.CORRECTION: This cartoon’s not in syndication yet (I mixed it up with one I run into occasionally that has been, Dog Eat Doug). I blame lack of caffienation for the error, and apologies to Ignatius Dedd.

Occasional Bitch–My favorite bloggers are women with good but sarcastic funny bones. I don’t remember if she rented from me or I from her, but I know I did locate this one thru BE. I didn’t say BE was all bad, just fucked in the admin at times.

Bonanza Jellybean–Yes, I know two bloggers by that name. They’re as different as night and day but they’re both excellent reads. Well worth the time.

Plural of Apocalypse–I’ve had lives where I needed a plural for apocalypse. Kinky Poe’s life in Wisconsin isn’t as insane as all that, but she’s good reading and actually knows the answer to the question, “Where the Hell is Merrill?” and completely understands the answer, “Who the hell cares?”

I have three excellent reads who have had to relocate for personal and harassment reasons. I do wish I had permission to give them shout-outs but I don’t. Once I do you’ll find them in the Hot Bloggers section of the sidebar.

To those three: Do please let me know when I can give your props to you here in pubic, ok?


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