Come out and play?

March 20, 2006 at 6:16 pm (Pop Culture on Parade)

First, welcome to all you BlogMad people!! For anyone who doesn’t know and is a BlogMad member, RIGHT NOW (6:18 EST) BlogMad is doing a double credit day, so hook yourself up with an assload of credits. If you’re not a member, use this link to tell ’em Serra sent your ass over! This is their public Beta launch so now is an excellent time to sign up!

In fact I have a special on soap sacks running over at Scented Business, so hop over there too while you’re at it.

(/end gratuitous plugs for excellent services)

Now, back to what I logged in to post…

I got The Warriors via Netflix last week, but didn’t get a chance to watch it until today. I’m sorry I waited. I can’t remember who said this was such an excellent film that they’d watch it over and over and over and couldn’t wait for the video game and wanted to have Walter Hill’s children, but whoever you are, you were absolutely right. While the ’70’s look dominated the film, the futuristic tones combined with the ancient Greek backstory make for awesome watching while knitting yer brains out.

Something really familiar kept floating thru my mind as my needles kept clicking (I finished an entire washcloth while watching this sucker–it was that riveting and when I watch good action flicks I can knit like a machine). This face really kept rattling my memory, looking for something to latch onto, something to do with The Crow of all movies.

It finally did, with this guy:

Image hosting by Photobucket

Meet Luther. It took me until nearly the end of the movie to place the face and the voice, but I finally did, here:

Image hosting by Photobucket

That’s T-Bird, leader of a gang of arsonists, all with little pirate nicknames, all dead the moment they touched Eric Draven’s wife-to-be. Turns out I’ve seen that skuz a lot of places–the one I remembered was another Walter Hill movie, 48 Hours. Same face, same character name too–Luther. Sorry I couldn’t find another pic.

The point is, it’s so strange how Kevin Bacon isn’t the only actor one can do a Six Degrees of Separation on–David Patrick Kelly’s another one.


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