March 28, 2006 at 11:25 am (Housekeeping)

I’ve been busy again.

This housekeeping session I removed a lot of dead blogs–if I hadn’t seen someone blog or comment here in quite awhile, I did remove the link. Not that I don’t still love you, but this is a big blogroll and I gotta do something to control it. I’ll be happy to add folks back should they make a reappearance.

Two of my excellent blogroll members moved. Evil Science Chick has her own domain now, so update that link. Julie at Rabid Rabbits and Psycho Squirrels has done the same, so she needs update love as well. I’ve added five new blogs, so check out the Hot Bloggers list in the sidebar for details.

The biggest change is only partially done. I’ve scrapped all links to Blog Explosion and as soon as I lose all my points there I’ll be deleting my blog. I’ve got several reasons for the move:

1. They blow goats as far as admin goes. What rules they have are enforced at a whim, they’ve allowed the bullshit of bloc voting on blog battles to go on FAR too fucking long, they pissed me off personally when they declined the listing for my business blog that I’ve had for months (they supposedly require 30 days of posts, something I apparently missed on all those spam blogs in their fucking listings that I’ve found while surfing for credits), and they’re just generally full of shit.

2. I don’t have time to work with two services that do nearly the identical thing. I have to get use credits from both BlogMad and Blog Explosion by surfing and I don’t have time to screw with both. BlogMad wins because their Admin’s much better, the credits are more fairly allotted to use, the 1:1 (and sometimes 2:1) ratio is much better use of what time I have, and the hits I get from BlogMad are more often folks who spend time here, comment, and like what they see.

3. They pissed me off (See #1) so they can suck my poshly scented ass.

I’ll be adding text links from BlogMad soon too. I’ll miss the renters each week, but I’m hoping BlogMad offers something similar in the future. Perhaps once they’re out of Beta on the basic site features they’ll get it running.

I did switch to The Flip Side for rankings, just to see how they work, so go click on their button under my pussy to vote for Whiplash Smile.

That’s pretty much it, except that I’ll be adding a blogroll over at Scented Business–if you have a craft or craft supplier blog, leave a comment either place and I’ll get you added.


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