Gevalia, I hate to break it to you

March 29, 2006 at 1:05 pm (Coffee)

Gevalia has long been a favorite of mine, but between the hidebound way the club sends their stuff (Dunno if even my daily coffee IVs will use their coffee as fast as they insist on sending it) and that they keep shoving equipment with their intro offers that I don’t need, I’ve just never jumped and joined their club. All their email wooing has been for naught.

I’ve found a better coffee club: Boca Java. It’s seriously wunnerful shit, folks.

Over there where the renters used to live is my new coffee club. Actually, it’s the link to go check them out so we both get referral bonuses (you get freebie, I get points toward more coffee). They’ve got several types of shipment options, where you can set which basic set of delivered coffees you want, how often they foist it on you, what dates they ship, and exactly what you want. There’s even a blogger’s club.

Anyone wanting a referral for the blogger’s club, just send me your email and I’ll be happy to pass one to you.

So, go check it out and remember my email for the referral is


UPDATE: I have to say I’m pickled tink with Boca Java. Everything has been exactly as promised. I’ll be posting reviews of two of the Blogger’s Blends sometime today, 4/5.

And I bumped my next order up to come in early–I’m nearly out and I can’t have that!


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