Alive and Hating It

April 3, 2006 at 11:21 am (Daily Dookie)

I know, what else is new?

Well, Friday is a new one–I tripped over my own two fucking feet and stumbled down my front porch stairs rather than descending them in a ladylike, elegant, poshly-scented manner. Shit. This left me hurting for Ghostie’s visit to my area yesterday. Turns out he’s moving here and I couldn’t be more tickled. Well, I could, but the things that would do it are things I just don’t blog about, so no details for you.

I met the reason he’s moving here too–a totally great lady who still needs a nickname here, as I seldom give real names on the blog. I reserve such searchables for those who earn the notoriety (read: those I really think the world ought to be warned about). She’s really fantastic and I don’t know why she wants our little Ghostie, but if she can stand him she’s welcome to his ass.

Today I finally got everything packed for a great Secret Pal surprise someone asked me to do (sorry, no names of the person who put the order in, since YPF isn’t the only one who won’t spoil the surprise) and since they turned out so purty I’m putting a pic both here and at the business blog:

Image hosting by Photobucket

I did the bags in Night Blooming Jasmine, and the other thingy is a Soap Sack–lets you use your favorite soap until it’s truly gone, instead of just until it’s small. I have those in the white, blue and lilac and have plenty on hand. Head on over there to get details.

Today is errands, including printer ink, smokes, and the steak I’ve been craving. Either that or I’ll hit Taco Hell again hard since that sounds excellent too.

Have fun–I know I will…ow…ooch…shit…


UPDATE: So many of you said you’re interested that I’ll let the soap sacks go at the sale price of $1.75 for anyone mentioning they found me in blogland. Max quantity will be 5.


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