Boca Java Notes #1

April 5, 2006 at 9:53 am (Coffee)

We all know how much I loves my coffee and that I really like my Boca Java service, but I haven’t gotten detailed about the great coffees. That, plus having some of you say you’re thinking about checking them out, tells me I should say a little more. You all already know I state my opinion, good or bad. If I didn’t like these folk, or only liked them a little, I’d just say so. But I likes them a shitload, so I’m saying that too.

See, this place isn’t all about the bad in life.

I’m going to go into the two Blogger’s Blends I’ve tried in this post–and then I’m getting the rest so I can try them too! The Blogger’s Blends are the best of the 7 or so I’ve tried, so I want the rest too. Now, please. Well, in three days, because I totally love the way they roast to order and that my coffee doesn’t sit in a stoopid warehouse for months before it sees the light of day to be sent along to my caffeinated ass.

Let’s start with Boca Java’s Blogger’s Boot Up Blend. The website’s description is:

‘Blogging Rocks.’ Log on to an amazing medium blend of African, Central and South American Coffees. Rich taste and smooth finish for the perfect breakfast blend.

Blogging does indeed rock. It seems that Boca Java’s owner, Bruce, has a blog–go check it out, both as a blog and for more info on the company. I loved the last line of today’s entry, “Plus, you get to drink at home where nobody can see your slippers!” There’s also info on how you can become a reviewer–the first 500 to register get excellent goodies and I lucked out in being one of them!

The Boot Up Blend rocks as well. The roast is really nice for the first shot of caffeine into the bloodstream–not particularly light, but not bang-your-head dark either. The flavor’s moderately rich, the aroma absolutely the perfect thing to smell when you get out of bed. The acid level is not nearly as high as the mainstream shit you find in a grocery store. I’ve tried those, and even without a pH meter I can tell those would strip paint if I brewed it as strong as I like my coffee. I have a bag of this one being roasted just for me, as we speak, coming here with my next shipment.

The other one for this post is the Late Night Log In blend. From the website:

‘Bloggers Fuel.’ Blog on with a very bold, dark roasted blend of South African and Island Coffees. This coffee is rich with flavor and has a smooth finish.

That little blurb doesn’t even begin to describe the delights. This is my favorite of all the Boca Java coffees so far–deliciously rich, tantalizingly dark, and not in the least bit burned-tasting like so many coffeehouse coffees*. The best word I can think of to describe the taste is “plush.”

From the first sip, taken without my usual additions to my coffee, all it needed was a bit of sugar and cream. I didn’t want chocolate, didn’t care that I was out of freakin’ flavored creamer (normally sine qua non for my morning java), didn’t even want to use my vanilla sugar. I just tossed regular sugar in and some milk from the jug and had a great morning cup. The aroma on this one will spoil you for anyone else’s dark-roasted offerings–it’s what I wish I could find in a fragrance oil because it’d make awe-inspiring candles and incense. If it’d hold in soap, so much the better.

I’m dying to try their Hawaiian Kona Extra Fancy. It doesn’t appear to be a blend from the description, which always earns points in my coffee snob file. Even if it is, though, this company’s stuff is so good that if it turns out to be a blend it’s probably going to pass muster with me. Until I get a chance to get some though, I’ll be saving my sheckels and drooling from afar.


UPDATE: Bruce reminded me about something–join the Bloggers Fuel club with my email address (it’s in the profile) and you and I BOTH get an extra $10 to blow on excellent coffay! Just email me and I’ll get the invite with the link you need out to you.


UPDATE REDUX: As of about 10:30 am Bruce’s Blog time, there are still spots open for the blogger’s review for Boca Java, so hightail yer butts over and make with the fun!

*I won’t name names on those–y’all know I love Caribou Coffee any way I can get it and which doorstep I wouldn’t darken if I’d been carjacked in the center of 8 Mile Road, raped, stabbed, shot, my lip balm stolen and left for dead, so there’s no need to bash them today. Catch me on another day tho and that could change.


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