April 11, 2006 at 10:13 am (WTF)

I occasionally look at my hit counter to see what search engines are hitting me and how, watching for strange ones because usually they make me giggle. Of course, there’s the every once in awhile that I just shake my head and wonder…

To the person who found me thru “actress enemas:”

WTF? And, by the way, EW! Who CARES, and gee I hope you never find images of that. There has to be better pastimes in Quebec than that. There just HAS to be.

In other news, I’m hoping my new Boca Java order is shipped today, because I’m ~sniffle~ ALL out of coffee goodness and I’m having to resort to inferior caffeine. Honey demo’d a major store chain’s store brand extraordinaire over the weekend, so while I have passable French Vanilla coffee on hand, it’s not anywhere near as luscious as Boca’s Vacation Villa Vanilla.

As for the batch of all Boca’s Blogger’s Blends pack coming my way, I haven’t gotten a ship notice and it hasn’t shown up yet, so I’m anxiously awaiting that goodness as well, because I’m really looking forward to trying those out and doing some more reviews.


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