Notes from all over my head

April 23, 2006 at 12:47 pm (Daily Dookie, Housekeeping)

Well, folks, it’s been a week again. A strange, interesting in spots week. But mostly, it’s just been a week.

First, it’s time for housekeeping, which I’ll do here once this post is made. I might make a Housekeeping post; I might not. I will be adding and subtracting as usual, so leave me a note in the comments if you either want to be added or subtracted. The blogroll is HUGE–I knew this even without the nice review Melody Blue gave me, but I hate removing anyone.

NOTE: If you want to tell me how to put all the blogs in the blogroll into a handy little pull-down, my email’s in the profile. I want to do a remodel around here (been nearly a year since the last) but haven’t quite scraped the bucks up for it. That one little thing tho I really would like to do before that, so if you can tell me how, feel free. I’m also considering a move due to reasons I can’t go into just yet, so it might just all get done at once. UPDATE: I’m writing an update after the umpteenth time I tried to publish this fucking post. This show’s going on the road once I get my new digs figured out.

I actually got to do three funsy things this week. Thursday was lunch with Honey and a buddy of his. I’m not exactly crazy about the buddy but it was nice to just get out and see the sunshine for a change. The details are boring so I’ll spare you.

Friday’s funsie was more fun–dinner at a restaurant that featured fabulous sushi, with Honey, Ghostie and BooBoo (it’s Ghost’s suggestion, M–I couldn’t come up with a better one, so you’re BooBoo). I finally figured out what the hell it was I’d had at a Christmas party the restaurant catered–Beef Tatami, so I had that, shrimp tempura (HUGE-assed shrimp, Dog Almighty!) and my first try at a soft-shell crab. Wonderful stuff, the crab was. I was highly impressed. Guess I’d always thought it might be icky, but it turned out fabu. We weren’t the most obnoxious diners, but we came close as usual.

Saturday was a post all in itself–I decided to take a run over to Ghost’s new digs to give him some of my nice pain balm for his messed-over knee. Nice place, and BooBoo has nice ferrets. I’ve never been nuts about ferrets because they reminded me of elongated rats, but these two are just adorable and well-behaved and snuggly and clean, so I could deal with petting them and cooing, “oooh, lookit da FACES! Pretty little FACES!” when I get the chance.

Well, time to get something done here, but I’ll be back later with the post about why I hate driving around here.


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