Monday meanderings around my mind

May 15, 2006 at 10:09 am (Daily Dookie)

It’s Monday, after a day that I don’t usually handle well (since my daughter lives with her dad), and there’s a few things going thru my mind:

  • What does a mom who doesn’t do chick flicks do for television while she’s isolating herself from the world? On Mother’s Day, HBO, Cinemax and even Starz and Encore are rife with the best in chickflickdom. Ew. First, she seeks shelter in a Mythbusters marathon–thank Dog for those two nut goodies. The catch was that the marathon only lasted until 8 pm. After that, the Queen of NoChickFlicks has to resort to her limited DVD collection (since finances forced the cancellation of Netflix goodness), hitting The Crow until something more suitable appeared on TV.
  • What part of “I’m not in the mood for company–I really need to be alone today,” and “I’m really pissed at your mom–doesn’t she understand the meaning of ‘hang up, I have it?'” did Honey not get last night? Yes, the roses were nice for a Mother’s Day gift, but the hassle I had to go thru in order to speak to the daughter who called me yesterday (precious beyond price) really undid the good the roses did.
  • What possesses your mother to cook beautifully fresh organic asparagus until it’s mush? She does the same shit with pasta, and claims she’s “just following the directions.” There’s no fucking directions on asparagus that grew in the yard, so where does the “cook it to death” come in? Blech! The reason my supper plate was clean was due to flushing the asparagus–I couldn’t stand the smell of it any longer! I know, you’ve told her, I’ve told her, I’ve printed out Food TV directions that told her, so it’s not like she doesn’t know. She even watched me cook it correctly about four years ago and the hint STILL didn’t take!
  • MAJOR thanks to Rick, someone I don’t even KNOW, for contributing to the Get Me out of Hell Fund. I like to cry happy, and this did it. You have my most heartfelt thanks.

This week’s schedule looks like finishing shipping on two things that need to go out so I can start shipping off things I want to keep safe and sound, like my soaping goodies (my favorite molds, my good essential oils, equipment that’ll be hard to replace), jewelry, keepsakes, things I don’t want to forget if the exodus is forced quick and dirty. I may also set up a new blog (perhaps on Blog Charm where I might make an extra cent or two from the ads) for getting rid of what I can’t be sure I’ll be able to leave with. Bleh–two moves in less than three years sucks–we moved around a lot when we were kids and as an adult I find I prefer not to have to pick up and split.

Here’s hoping things get better soon!



  1. monabuonanotte said,

    Mythbusters…I could watch them for days on end…reruns even!

    Good for you getting your possessions in order. I hope things go smoothly…as smoothly as they can. Thinkin’ about ya!

  2. Vince said,

    Mythbusters rule! Those guys kill me.

    I too have tried to school the idiotic in the art of cooking pasta correctly. Al Dente does not mean “to the gums”. And there’s nothing worse than overcooked vegtables.

  3. se7endog said,

    You can’t get your Paypal button/link to show up in your posts either? That’s weird, I’m not sure why you can’t get it to work.

    These blogs are nice and they have quite a few cool templates but the part that really,really sucks is that you cannot modify the skin in any way whatsoever. That means no buttons, blinkies, or images on your sidebar. You can’t even change the freaking header for crapsakes! You can’t even put in Google ads if you wanted to!

    If you want a cool WordPress blog that’s completely free and that allows you to add all the goodies you want including complete template customization, I suggest using Blogsome, which I just wrote up a review on here at Blog Flak Blogsome Review

    Blog Charm is also a pretty decent place to set up a blog, they also have categories and the templates are completely customizable. I have a free Charm Skins site here: Charm Skins Money wise, I’ve had 3 blogs on there since about the first of March and I’ve earned a whopping $1.12 LOL So don’t go there for the money! hehe

    Anyway, if I can help you in anyway, let me know! =)


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