Boca Java Notes #2–New Media Mavericks

May 21, 2006 at 1:31 pm (Coffee)

This is part of a series of reviews I volunteered to do on Boca Java's Blogger's Blends line of coffees. While I did receive the coffees free to review, I'm not the kind of girl who can be bought so easily–the stuff's gotta be good to rate a good review.

I'm one of the 500 folks who received a Blogger's Review Pack from Boca Java, and I got mine in on Friday (a day late due to UPS, not to the company). I'm loving it from the minute I get the tape cut open–rich, robust, redolent of all things good in coffee, the scent greeted me like the joy of opening a dozen roses. (Yes, I do like my coffee–why do you ask?) I got an 8 oz bag each of 6 blends, and I decided to start with New Media Mavericks.

Boca Java's website describes New Media Mavericks this way:

'Unfiltered Truth' Lead the information reformation with this medium roast from the prized Tarrazu region of Costa Rica with excellent body and robust richness.

I brewed a pot in the press pot this morning. My impression of the aroma was that it's lush-smelling but not harsh–I found it very mellow and deep. While a dark roast will put out powerfully strong aroma, this coffee's dance around the olfactory sense is more subtle, more complex and more alluring by virtue of not being brow-beating first thing in the morning.

The taste backs up the wonderful aroma, in spades. There's a touch of almost fruity flavor (not any specific fruit, just the note of a little bit in the background) that Costa Rican coffees are known for, nicely balanced, and the rest of the mouthful is just plain lush! Rounded flavor, mellow yet deep, it's complex without being obnoxious. The acid content is surprisingly low without sacrificing either caffeine content or taste.

As the cup cooled, it became plain that this isn't a prime choice for your favorite iced coffee recipe, as I really liked it better nice and hot. That said, it's the only complaint I have about it, and I don't much care that I won't want it for iced drinking anyhow. I have plenty of choices for iced coffees and frozen coffee, so it's ok that this one is best served warm. I liked it very much and I'm probably going to have the half-pound I was so generously given gone inside a week.


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