You should hear…

May 24, 2006 at 10:53 am (Uncategorized)

…how she talks about you, before jumping to her defense.

It's been an interesting three days. I've been forced to sanitize this place and I'm STILL getting demands on what should be here. SO sorry to disappoint, but there's absolutely no grounds for any further objections here–legal names are removed as agreed, but you as the other party aren't holding up your end. In fact you've decided that you should "defend" someone else I had an issue with and are attempting to demand I do something about her.

Perhaps this person who thinks I'm her bitch should get a clue–the person who's asking for defense isn't telling the truth.  She's telling you I lied to her, when in point of fact she screwed me on an $80 order!  SHE lied to ME for THREE WEEKS about the reason she couldn't pay me. I took the time to find out the other side of the story I was told, and found out the truth.  Where on Earth is it that I did anything WRONG? 

Get the facts straight–SHE did me dirty on a business deal. SHE is the one not reputable. And SHE has lied to YOU as well.

My momma taught me, "If someone lies to you, they're lying about you, sure as flies on shit."



  1. Seamus said,

    Your momma speaks true!

  2. Vince said,

    I tend to believe your side of the story.

    And momma said.. and she said it right.

  3. Blair Bitch said,

    I have no reason to doubt your word, Serra. I would suggest you ignore the rest of the messages you’re receiving from this…person (I’d like to use a different word but this is your blog and I’ll leave that up to you). Whatever you do, document EVERYTHING.

  4. Serra said,

    Seamus–Yes, yes she does.

    Vince–Thanks đŸ™‚

    BB–That’s the plan.

  5. Julie said,

    I heart IP tracking. It’s made my blog life so much better.

    Stick with it, girl, you’ll come out on top.

  6. vegasgustan said,

    Preach on Momma…preach on.

  7. MoeThatsMe said,

    Mamma also said “There’d be days like this…”

    Days, not weeks!!

    ~~ Here for Huge Hugs!! ~~

  8. vanessa said,

    Sin reaps its own punishment. These two people should remember that.

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