Boca Java Notes: Blogs of Bravery

June 10, 2006 at 10:10 am (Coffee)

This is another in a series of reviews of Boca Java's Bloggers Blend line of coffees. While they sent me the coffees free of charge to review, they've not paid me to give good reviews only. They simply want my honest review, and that's what they get. See the category "Coffee" in the sidebar for other reviews of these coffees.

I finally got the chance to get this review written–sorry it's been so long in coming. It's been a tad busy around the homestead. This one's concerning the Blogs of Bravery blend, described on Boca Java's website this way:

'The Real Story in Real Time.' Front line fuel from a blend of South American dark and medium roasts to create a well balanced smooth taste.

I honestly thought it was weird to have both dark and medium roasts combined in one blend. I didn't really see the point…until I drank it.

THAT's when I discovered that blending the dark and medium roasts was a wonderful way to incorporate the rich deep flavor of a dark roast while preserving some of the caffeine content and complex taste of the medium-roasted bean. I found the aroma rich–the depth of the dark provides a solid base for the more delicate notes in the medium roast, giving the whole a spectrum of aroma I've never seen before.

I first tried this one as always black, and while it was nice, I would still rather have my usual creamer and sugar in it for my best experience. Although the taste is really rich and complex, adding the cream and sugar really finished the taste for me. It added just the right note to round out this cup's excellence. The taste was wonderfully balanced–the brightness of the medium roast was smooth and well rounded, and the dark roast added just the right bold kick to the overall taste. Adding the cream and sugar gave the whole cup the only thing this blend could have possibly needed–the mouth feel of cream, slightly thicker and smooth, letting the wonderful taste of the coffee bloom in the mouth.

I think this would be ideal for iced coffees–all that rich boldness combined with light bright teases of flavor would hold up excellently iced. I can't wait to throw this one in a blender with some milk, sugar and a touch of chocolate.

I will have to wait though–I went thru the half-pound generous sample that Boca Java sent me, drinking this gorgeous coffee hot hot hot. Good thing for me I get the coffee delivered right to the house, isn't it?


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  1. Brotherhood of the Bean said,

    What a great idea for iced coffee!! I grew up hearing that the easiest way to cool down when its hot out is to drink something hot. Well I don’t always find that to be true, and when I am jonesing for something cold, I occassionally like to have a nice cold iced coffee!

    I think the next time I get the urge I will do a mixed blend. Great post!

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