RbW: Sidekick Thieves

June 10, 2006 at 2:55 pm (Raised by Wolves)

I don’t exactly recall how I found out about all this (I suspect I found it surfing thru BlogMad), but damned if this doesn’t just point up what happens these days when dumbfucks are allowed out without a leash.

It seems this guy’s friend accidentally left her Sidekick in a NYC taxicab. Once the person realized she lost it, she text messaged the phone repeatedly offering a reward for its return. Messages went unanswered, so the woman got a new Sidekick. Once she got the new one going, she found the AOL name and passwords of the person (who by then knew the phone wasn’t abandoned property and kept it anyhow, legally stealing it) who had the phone. Since the service on the stolen Sidekick automatically uploaded all pictures and other data to and from the phone, the woman and her friend had plenty of information on the thieves.

The story gets long, involved and hairy from there, so it’s best if you go see the whole thing at the website established to see if there’s any shame left in people on this planet, How NOT to steal a Sidekick.

And so, for not having enough common sense NOT to keep something that clearly doesn’t fucking belong to your dumbfuck moron asses, the Corona Crew of Queens becomes this week’s Raised by Wolves Poster Children:

I’ll bet her momma is SO proud!

Stupid slut.



  1. apos said,

    alrightee then…once I got over that you weren’t talking about a caped crusaders little buddy.

    heh. I didn’t read it all but THAT is so clever and “just”. proves it does come back to you triplefold…not that I ever believed that it didn’t.

  2. MoeThatsMe said,


  3. Julie said,

    I knew all I needed to know when you said Corona, Queens. That whole town is raised by wolves.

  4. vegasgustan said,

    I love Karma. Just love her. She kicked me in the ass for three long years, but I deserved it.

  5. thegrrl said,

    Wow, talk about karma!!

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