Notes from all over my head

April 23, 2006 at 12:47 pm (Daily Dookie, Housekeeping)

Well, folks, it’s been a week again. A strange, interesting in spots week. But mostly, it’s just been a week.

First, it’s time for housekeeping, which I’ll do here once this post is made. I might make a Housekeeping post; I might not. I will be adding and subtracting as usual, so leave me a note in the comments if you either want to be added or subtracted. The blogroll is HUGE–I knew this even without the nice review Melody Blue gave me, but I hate removing anyone.

NOTE: If you want to tell me how to put all the blogs in the blogroll into a handy little pull-down, my email’s in the profile. I want to do a remodel around here (been nearly a year since the last) but haven’t quite scraped the bucks up for it. That one little thing tho I really would like to do before that, so if you can tell me how, feel free. I’m also considering a move due to reasons I can’t go into just yet, so it might just all get done at once. UPDATE: I’m writing an update after the umpteenth time I tried to publish this fucking post. This show’s going on the road once I get my new digs figured out.

I actually got to do three funsy things this week. Thursday was lunch with Honey and a buddy of his. I’m not exactly crazy about the buddy but it was nice to just get out and see the sunshine for a change. The details are boring so I’ll spare you.

Friday’s funsie was more fun–dinner at a restaurant that featured fabulous sushi, with Honey, Ghostie and BooBoo (it’s Ghost’s suggestion, M–I couldn’t come up with a better one, so you’re BooBoo). I finally figured out what the hell it was I’d had at a Christmas party the restaurant catered–Beef Tatami, so I had that, shrimp tempura (HUGE-assed shrimp, Dog Almighty!) and my first try at a soft-shell crab. Wonderful stuff, the crab was. I was highly impressed. Guess I’d always thought it might be icky, but it turned out fabu. We weren’t the most obnoxious diners, but we came close as usual.

Saturday was a post all in itself–I decided to take a run over to Ghost’s new digs to give him some of my nice pain balm for his messed-over knee. Nice place, and BooBoo has nice ferrets. I’ve never been nuts about ferrets because they reminded me of elongated rats, but these two are just adorable and well-behaved and snuggly and clean, so I could deal with petting them and cooing, “oooh, lookit da FACES! Pretty little FACES!” when I get the chance.

Well, time to get something done here, but I’ll be back later with the post about why I hate driving around here.


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March 28, 2006 at 11:25 am (Housekeeping)

I’ve been busy again.

This housekeeping session I removed a lot of dead blogs–if I hadn’t seen someone blog or comment here in quite awhile, I did remove the link. Not that I don’t still love you, but this is a big blogroll and I gotta do something to control it. I’ll be happy to add folks back should they make a reappearance.

Two of my excellent blogroll members moved. Evil Science Chick has her own domain now, so update that link. Julie at Rabid Rabbits and Psycho Squirrels has done the same, so she needs update love as well. I’ve added five new blogs, so check out the Hot Bloggers list in the sidebar for details.

The biggest change is only partially done. I’ve scrapped all links to Blog Explosion and as soon as I lose all my points there I’ll be deleting my blog. I’ve got several reasons for the move:

1. They blow goats as far as admin goes. What rules they have are enforced at a whim, they’ve allowed the bullshit of bloc voting on blog battles to go on FAR too fucking long, they pissed me off personally when they declined the listing for my business blog that I’ve had for months (they supposedly require 30 days of posts, something I apparently missed on all those spam blogs in their fucking listings that I’ve found while surfing for credits), and they’re just generally full of shit.

2. I don’t have time to work with two services that do nearly the identical thing. I have to get use credits from both BlogMad and Blog Explosion by surfing and I don’t have time to screw with both. BlogMad wins because their Admin’s much better, the credits are more fairly allotted to use, the 1:1 (and sometimes 2:1) ratio is much better use of what time I have, and the hits I get from BlogMad are more often folks who spend time here, comment, and like what they see.

3. They pissed me off (See #1) so they can suck my poshly scented ass.

I’ll be adding text links from BlogMad soon too. I’ll miss the renters each week, but I’m hoping BlogMad offers something similar in the future. Perhaps once they’re out of Beta on the basic site features they’ll get it running.

I did switch to The Flip Side for rankings, just to see how they work, so go click on their button under my pussy to vote for Whiplash Smile.

That’s pretty much it, except that I’ll be adding a blogroll over at Scented Business–if you have a craft or craft supplier blog, leave a comment either place and I’ll get you added.

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Calling all crafters

March 12, 2006 at 7:21 pm (Housekeeping, Soaping and Knitting)

To all bloggers who craft, all crafters who blog, craft-iddybloggidyblogblog:

I’m starting a blogroll on the Scented Business blog, and I’m looking for people to blogroll and some to blogroll that blog also. I’m intending the list there for crafty bloggers, blogging crafters, ingredient supplier blogs (please don’t ask for a link to a non-blog website because I’ll laugh at you and then set a ban).

Just leave a comment here with the URL or over at the other blog.


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March 8, 2006 at 1:32 pm (Housekeeping)

It’s that time again, time to update the blog’s sidebar and introduce my Renter this week.

First, let’s note the cute little BlogMad button I picked up this morning. It’s another traffic service, but this one seems to make more of my surfing time than BE. There’s also the fact that the nitwits at BE declined letting me list my non-profane, innocuous blog Scented Business. Let’s see, they’ll take blogs that consist soley of pictures of underage Asian women’s asses, but a non-spam business blog created to allow the easily offended to see my soaping and knitting goodies isn’t allowed? Yeah, I got your “allowed,” BE, and it may result in my taking your shit off here and dedicating the space to people who aren’t so infatuated with their own self-importance.

Holler to my email, by the bye, if you’re seeking BlogMad invites. I haven’t looked at that section yet so give me a reason to go play with it.

The problem with that threat is that I’ll miss my super cool BE renters, such as this week’s tenant Gidget Bones. I find such cool tenants and wonderful new blogs this way that I’d sure miss it if I didn’t have it. Gidget Bones is a most interesting UK camper, with a much different outlook than you’re used to here. Welcome, Gidget and Dark Marcy–this should be a really fun week.

I’ve picked several new blogs to list this week for various reasons. Here they are:

Dead Guy: The Cartoon–You already know how I like my humor here–twisted, slightly perverse and a bit dark. Dead Guy fits the bill nicely. Recently it’s become syndicated in newspapers but since I ignore newpapers I’m glad I can read this one online.CORRECTION: This cartoon’s not in syndication yet (I mixed it up with one I run into occasionally that has been, Dog Eat Doug). I blame lack of caffienation for the error, and apologies to Ignatius Dedd.

Occasional Bitch–My favorite bloggers are women with good but sarcastic funny bones. I don’t remember if she rented from me or I from her, but I know I did locate this one thru BE. I didn’t say BE was all bad, just fucked in the admin at times.

Bonanza Jellybean–Yes, I know two bloggers by that name. They’re as different as night and day but they’re both excellent reads. Well worth the time.

Plural of Apocalypse–I’ve had lives where I needed a plural for apocalypse. Kinky Poe’s life in Wisconsin isn’t as insane as all that, but she’s good reading and actually knows the answer to the question, “Where the Hell is Merrill?” and completely understands the answer, “Who the hell cares?”

I have three excellent reads who have had to relocate for personal and harassment reasons. I do wish I had permission to give them shout-outs but I don’t. Once I do you’ll find them in the Hot Bloggers section of the sidebar.

To those three: Do please let me know when I can give your props to you here in pubic, ok?

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Please Welcome

March 2, 2006 at 10:14 am (Housekeeping, Other Bloggers, Uncategorized, Your Psychic Fiend)

In lieu of doing a full Housekeeping post, I'm posting a request for a welcome for Miss Ann Thrope, this week's BE renter. She's a scream, plain and simple. She and her husband (Mister Cranky Fucking Pants, thank you very much) do much to light their piece of the Interwebnets, and I think you'll enjoy her as much as I do.

She's easy to find–simply click on her thumbnail over there under my pussy or hit this link.

In a completely different vein, do you think it's time to untie Your Psychic Fiend and let her blog a little?

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February 19, 2006 at 10:06 am (Housekeeping)

It's been a quiet week here at Chez Ptomaine as once again my lack of dental coverage comes back to bite me in the ass. One tooth's cracked; the other is abcessed. Between the two I'm having no trouble avoiding my future mother-in-law's cooking, since the cracked tooth is on one side and the abcess is on the other. I feasted this morning on a very soft scrambled egg with sharp cheddar cheese, with strawberry yogurt for dessert. Bleh–wanted pancakes but I'm sure it's a bad idea right now.

Enough of my whining–on to housekeeping.

I have a new renter this week. 3T (for Third Time's a Charm) from Stumbling Through Life With Grace has agreed to be associated with us here at Whiplash Smile. She seems like a nice, quiet, thoughtful lady until you realize that she's sucked you in with her tongue-in-cheeck sense of humor and the ability to keep a straight face while spinning some incredible stories (I'm referring to the guest blogging she did last week–link's on her site and they're funny as hell). Go check her out by clicking the link up there or over on the sidebar.

I've put five more new bloggers up in the Hot Bloggers list:

Southern Circle of Hell–I ran into this one after seeing a comment by the author, who uses the screen name Big Pissy. I just HAD to go see what the hell that was all about, and in the process found a wonderful new blog. Enjoy–I do!

DetroitWonk–Excellent Detroit area group blog. Resources, events, auto industry news.

Defective Yeti–More fun than a barrel of sock monkeys making Peep porn.

Mental Furball–Because I'm a bad blog buddy again. I thought I'd linked to this Amber; I hadn't. I'm doing it now. You may administer my thirty lashes with a wet noodle when I'm better.

Lip Schtick–See "Mental Furball"

There! All swept up and neat and tidy for this time around. If you have a great blog that belongs on the sidebar, prove it by commenting.

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This Week’s Renter: I want to be Donna Reed

February 13, 2006 at 11:21 am (Housekeeping, Other Bloggers)

This week's renter over there under Desi's picture is Amber from I Want to be Donna Reed. Amber's a mother of adorables, a wife, and about to start her own Montessori school.

I'm not one for Mommy blogging or Mommy bloggers, but I like Amber. She sets her standards high. She reaches for those stars up there in the sky. She doesn't ask anything of anyone she's not willing to do herself, and she's her own worst critic. I think she's awfully hard on herself at times, but I don't think she'd be happy any other way, and reading what she chooses to share is a privilege I hope to keep in the future.

Amber's got her own linkylink in the blogroll, but click the thumbnail or this link, no, not that link, this link, so she gets every since bit of your clicky goodness counted.

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Housekeeping and general update

February 9, 2006 at 12:36 pm (Daily Dookie, Housekeeping, Other Bloggers)

Hi, all. Time for some housekeeping (I refuse to say "blogkeeping" because it sounds annoying to think it, let alone type it out). Strap in–there's a bit of material to cover and I don't want this to be a huge post. I have bitching to do tonight after this.

1. This week's renter–I don't have one right this second. The "rent this inch" is up over at BE; hit the thumbnail to go get it. If you're really highly interested in renting space here, scream in the comments so I know to look for your ass in the avalanche of bids.

2. New blogs in the blogroll–Vince at Ramblings and Musings gets an apology. I thought I'd added him eons ago, but no, so he's in this week's update. Anything Goes is Inana's home on the Net, excellent reading and very smart lady. No, I will not fix your computer is Beagle heaven today–go look at the most recent post–awww, FACES! Purty little Beagle FACES! I'm not going to explain Fruit Loops and Porn to you–that title alone should make you want to click yer butts over there and find out for yourself.

Angela's Updates is the blog of a soaper I know, started after the fire that turned her home into a total loss. This lady's had crap to deal with that'd make the Pope say "fuck" and I really admire her grace in handling everything shooting down the shit sluice at her right now. She could use an unusual sort of hand right now, so do check this post especially, since we're at massively low resources right now and I can't even help her with her one request. The best I can do is bring it to the attention of those who may be able to help, and this I do right now. Go look and help if you can.

Ask Your Psychic Fiend is going to become a less regular feature here at Whiplash Smile. I love it, you love it, but once a week is just a huge job. You're feeling the strain of coming up with the questions; I'm feeling the drain of coming up with new ways to punish the bitch that lives inside my head. Currently she's tied up and being forced to watch Garand do whatever he does in his room. All I'm hearing is muffled screams, so he hasn't thought about the fact that something with a snootch is tied up in his room and is at his total mercy. I'll keep you posted on further developments.

I think that's it for now–I just noticed Blogger's about to have a "scheduled outage" so I'll bitch tomorrow.

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Forks in the Road

February 6, 2006 at 1:28 pm (Daily Dookie, Housekeeping, Other Bloggers, Uncategorized, Your Psychic Fiend)

It’s the weekend, and I have a couple of things on my mind.

First–Scott over at Scooter’s 9th Green is still my renter, and well worth the click on his thumbnail over on the sidebar. I picked him because his tastes in music and media are much different than mine, and I’m not under the illusion that you all 100% agree with a woman who has bought only one album recorded after 1990. He’s good reading so go check him out.

The other matter on my mind today is Ask Your Psychic Fiend. Mostly, I’m wondering if you’re all getting bored with this one. I’m finding myself running out of ideas, honestly, but I seem to find new ones when I need them, so it’s only a secondary issue as far as I’m concerned. I’ll dig out what I need to if I keep writing Ask YPF; the real question is “Do you really want me to?”

I refuse to start a survey–it just reminds me too much of skank-assed soapers who have to keep checking their personal popularity by setting up polls like, “Should I ever wash my stank ass? Yes/No/Why–you smell perfectly like roses no matter how many years it’s been since you’ve actually used soap” Please, just put your opinions in the comments for this post. I’m going to stick it to the top of the blog for 24 hours, so everyone gets a chance to see it.

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January 30, 2006 at 12:07 pm (Housekeeping, Other Bloggers)

Housekeeping's late this week. Seems to be the story of my life–Ask YPF was late too, and all because the little midget in my right sinus cavity won't stop with the kicking. Bastard. As always, I picked five new blogs to add to the blogroll, and as always I have a wonderful renter that you should go visit.

This week's renter is Joisey Girl, over at Thought Bubbles. I love the humorous way she looks at life–she's not terribly pessimistic, but she does have some stellar snarky moments going on. Go see her by clicking the thumbnail, or clicking here, and tell her Serra sent yer butt over.

I've also added five new blogs down there under Hot Bloggers on the sidebar–all fun stuff, so go take a look.

Mr. Fabulous is the author of Pointless Drivel, which, IMHO, is neither. He's much more pertinent than the title of the blog lets on, and definitely a good read. I found him thru his comments here and today discovered his good taste in linking to Whiplash Smile, so he makes the blogroll for several reasons.

Overthink is another blog I discovered via hits on my SiteMeter. Christine's "day in the life" blogging style is refreshing. She's honest always and by turns she's funny, thoughtful, slightly snarky and always a good read.

Cat With A Pen is one I discovered by wandering around Blog Explosion. She's not your average blogger. You'll find bluntly honest discussions on the issues she's dealt with and at times still living with, all treated with her insight and excellent writing ability. I look forward to each new post, and you will too.

Divinities is a bluntly self-studying take on leaving the zero and finding the hero. Here, Laurie frankly deals with a situation I'm sure many of us have been in. Having left a very bad relationship, she's now found a wonderful man, but finds herself examining everything she feels and sees in minute detail in order to be certain she's found something more real and wonderful than she thought possible. The writing is good and I find that much of her material here speaks to me deeper than I like to admit. Excellent stuff, folks, go check it out.

Chatty at Whatchu Tawkin Bout was last week's renter, and I've added her as a daily read. I particularly liked today's post, even tho I didn't comment, about attending the wake of one of her former students. Deep when it's necessary, Chatty can also slap out the snark with the best of us.

Once I get caffeinated (and waffled up–Honey's cranking out chocolate waffles this morning as I type this), I'll be posting about my mentholated bra.

Stay tuned!

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January 22, 2006 at 11:53 am (Housekeeping, Other Bloggers)

It’s time to clean house again. Funny how that happens–I do it and do it and yet I still have to do it. Trouble is, I keep finding great new (to me) blogs and just must add them to the blogroll. It doesn’t matter that whatever is kicking my head from the inside out is still kicking, I just have to do it. I’m driven that way, I guess. So enough about my headache and on to the new Hot Blogs list.

My renter this week is Chatty at Whatchu Tawkin Bout, the blog of an 8th Grade teacher who sounds like she’d be one of my favorites (if I were still in 8th Grade, which some people think my emotional age is). I know I keep saying “funny, smart, excellent reading” when I add new favorites to the blogroll, but I actually mean them, and Chatty’s right up there with the best. Either hit the link or click on her thumbnail over there under the kittykitty.

As for the Hot Blogs additions, here they are, in no particular order:

The Adventures of Twatwaffle Jones–Oh, come on, doesn’t the name just scream piss-yer-pants funny? It did to me, and it lives up to its billing. I can’t remember how I came across it but I likee, so here she is.

Life My Way–I’m renting blog space from Bozette this week, so I’m also giving her a shout out. She’s a prolific blogger with two or three blogs (perhaps more) and all are fun reads. Thanks Bozette for letting me rent.

This is the truth; my truth–Tina doesn’t blog often, but when she does it’s worth it. Insighful, thoughtful, and funny. I should have added her a long time ago, but I a lazy type.

Miss-Ann-Thrope–Another fun read I’ve found thru BE. Smart woman meets idiots and Mr. CFP makes for snorting, giggling fun.

The Monaco Manifesto–A read I found by virtue of him having the nerve to let me rent space. As you know, I’m not fond of sweetness-and-light blogging, so he fits in wonderfully here.

Just PureMood–PM’s been visiting here a bit lately, so I strolled over to look at her work. I wasn’t getting over there as often as I’d like but my RSS feeder finally decided to let me add her, so I’ll get to enjoy her more often now. Again, smart, funny, insightful and downright good writing.

I’m always on the lookout for new additions to the blogroll, so if you think I’d like to read you, just leave a comment on one of the posts and I’ll go peek.

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January 14, 2006 at 12:28 pm (Housekeeping)

It’s Saturday, and in the home I was raised in, that means it’s time to clean house. Time to move last week’s Hot Bloggers list into the main list, time to make a new Hot Bloggers list, and time to clean up in general. I didn’t remove any blogs this week because I suspect I accidentally removed some I didn’t mean to last week. If you’re pissed because I removed your blog, email me and I’ll let you know if it was done on purpose or not.

Now for this week’s shout-outs:

I Want to be Donna Reed is a new blogger’s venture. Amber’s a mommy of two who writes about the things that go on in her head as she meets her new challenges. She’s on a well-deserved vacation right now but she’ll be home again very soon.

SpiderWalk is a fairly new-to-me blog with insightful writing, excellent photographs and heaping helpings of snark. I’m already a fan and it’s my pleasure to add her to the roll here at Whiplash Smile.

You Knit What? is something anyone who knows a knitter will say at least once in their lifetime. This blog highlights the fug that can come with the fun. I’d say more here but you just have to go see what I mean to truly understand.

Suburban Turmoil is a blog I found via my week’s rental at Stranded in Suburbia (BIG props to Laurie–she really knows how to make a bitch feel welcome, and I’d rent from her again anytime she wants). I don’t know why anyone calls this a Mommy blog except for the fact that Lucinda is actually a mommy–she’s everything I look for in a blogger and she’s a riot to read.

Bitchet is another blog I’ve come to like because she was first gracious enough to visit me here via Laurie’s blog. I don’t get to her place as often as I’d like because she doesn’t have an RSS feed, but I try to get over there as often as I can. Once again, a smart, funny, no-nonsense person and a good read.

If you haven’t had a chance to go visit Karen yet, go do it now before she has to move on. She’s this week’s renter and it’s been a pleasure having her here.

I think I’m finally back to what passes for normal here. That means I should be getting caught up this week. Do whatever voodoo chants you like to offer prayers that I stay healthy please. I have a lot to do.

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January 8, 2006 at 9:58 am (Housekeeping)

I did a little neatening up around the old sidebar. I did remove some bloggers–folks I don’t see much of these days, some who have quit blogging, and other reasons. If you want a link to your blog, holler in the comments. I add five new links each time I clean up, so it might be an update or two, but if I know you want to be listed here I generally get to it quickly. If you see your link and are mad as hell about it, tell me that too–if you don’t want to be associated with this blog, I have no problem with that and we’ll both be happier with your link gone.

Now, for the new Hot Bloggers list:

The (mis)Adventures of Knitting Friends is a group blog written by Evil Science Chick, Aimee of Random Aimee, and Julie from Rabid Rabbits and Psycho Squirrels (see below). It’s neat to see what they’re coming up with and funny as hell, as all three ladies tend to be.

Sock Monkey is fairly new to me but I’m liking it already. I found her via hits from the link she has to Whiplash Smile, which is always a fun way to find folks you like (and fairly certain that you’ll like them in return–after all, they have the excellent taste to link to you to begin with). Go check her out–loads of fun.

Bloggin’ Bizatch is my renter from Blog Explosion this week. Smart, funny, and cognizant of the fact that sometimes you just have to rant. I’ve really enjoyed her stay over there in the sidebar and I know you’ll like what she has to say.

Rabid Rabbits and Psycho Squirrels is Julie from KnitGeek’s personal blog. Another funny and bright female whom I’m sure you’ll enjoy as much as I do.

Troll Baby
is another blog I’ve discovered by running around BE. Again, smart, funny, snarky, and also a web designer. She’s running a contest right now too–she’s offering up a free blog template with all the trimmings, so go see her and tell her Serra sent you.

I think I might actually be starting to feel humanoid again and I don’t know how to act. I can breathe, I’m not running a fever today, and food is once again staying where I put it. That means this week will be catch-up on all the crap I should have been doing while being forced to watch DVD’s, lay around, petting the cat and moaning for Honey to bring me ginger ale and ice water. I also have a pile of washcloths to knit, Honey wants his balaclava redone, I ordered the wool for his scarf, and all THAT means I’ll be making a run to my least favorite store, JoAnn Fabrics, because I want my own set of needles for this and future use.

JoAnn alone should make for some great blog fodder–Dog, I HATE that place! Two stories of women who were raised by wolves. Oh, and snotty customers too. Should be annoying as Hell and just the thought makes me want to take the Mauser along. That steel plate in the butt should work great on yuppie heads belonging to women who think everyone should just get the hell out of their way, which greatly annoys those of us for whom THEY should be clearing a path.

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January 2, 2006 at 12:10 pm (Housekeeping, Other Bloggers)

Hi, everyone,

Yeah, I still feel like someone’s put roofies in my drink (and by roofies I mean arsenic and by drink I mean Mountain Dew) so I’m not as with it as I prefer to be. I tried to get off the liquid diet yesterday and symptoms returned, so I’m back to ramen and milkshakes spiked with Instant Breakfast for meals. Honey’s having fits at me as is his mom over the lack of intake, but I can’t help that. I’m more disturbed by what my body does with other food than I am about their nagging. It’s hard to take them seriously when they piss themselves if I haven’t eaten five meals a day.

Speaking of Honey, he’s now a member of the Flowers in the Attic community. He stayed home from work today with the same symptoms I have and is occupying his usual chair while his mom bitches about him watching the Science Channel. That’s fine with me. I have her scarf to finish and he takes up so much room in the bed that I can’t get comfy and knit when he’s there. The scarf’s looking gorgeous–it’s a baby alpaca/silk blend yarn in Wild Rose that I got from KnitPicks (The site was down when I posted, but is restored now. I used Elegance yarn here.) with advice from the Evilly Scientifically Engaged One. (By the way, WHOOOHOOOO Regan and Kev!) I love working with it so much I’m going to score some more for scarves for my mom and myself soon. Honey, on the other hand, wants a thick bulky scarf in rag wool, heather color. I’m having some twouble finding that yarn so it’ll have to wait until I locate it.

I’ve done a little housecleaning on the sidebar, ridding myself of useless linkage and blogs that haven’t updated since July and moving last round’s hot blogs into the regular lineup. There’s five new ones listed for your pleasure, as always.

What? is Cass’ personal blog. She’s got some really excellent artwork, and I like her attitude in general, so go check her out.

Pikkel WeeZel is a fun and crabby bastard. I wish he’d post more often but I’ll take what I can get.

Forward Ho
has been a regular read for awhile for me. Val’s got a “Day in the Life” going on with some well thought out posts. Val, I’ll have a special note for you at the end of this post.

5th Circle of Cubic Hell
is hilarious. I’ve been quite fond of these folk, so now they’re added to the blogroll.

I Talk 2 Much is a blog review blog, run by some great folks (and by great I mean caustic and funny as hell). I haven’t had the nerve to submit my blog yet, but I’m scrinching it up as we speak.

The Rock Bitch is a new read for me, found originally when she was renting blog space from Laurie. She’s funny, smart, bitchy, and entertaining all around.

Go show these folks some luv–no need to say I sent you because while Val and Cass know me, I don’t think the rest do. I just lurk and admire from afar.

I owe a major apology to Val. So, here it is:

Val, I’m so sorry I haven’t gotten your oils out yet. I tried again today to pack them and every time I open a bottle of anything aromatic I’m running to leave an offering to the Porcelain God Ralph (including the Lavender, which shouldn’t do this to me but is indeed). I will keep trying and I hope to get this out to you ASAP. You’ve waited far too long and should you feel the need to chew me out, my comment section is open to you, as is my email.

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll be picking up Ask Your Psychic Fiend again Wednesday with the Comment Me Now post, and I’ll likely be taking renters from Blog Explosion. I’ve found some nifty bloggers that way, so I think I’ll open the spot on my own this year and see how it goes.

EDIT: Yeah, I know there’s six new blogs listed. Deal.

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Blog Maintenance

November 14, 2005 at 1:46 pm (Housekeeping, Other Bloggers)

Since some of y'all have been busy fuckers, I've done some blog maintenance. As always, the last update's Hot Bloggers have joined the main list of Hot Bloggers (yeah, you) and a new crop takes its place.

In addition, since some of you have done the bloggy move-y thing, I had to change your links too. You do realize what a colossal pain in the ass that is, and how it interrupts my oh-so-important work. It's ok though–you can show your appreciation by participating in the next post's thingy. What's that, you ask? Well, if you choose to be patient, you'll find out. You'll find out if you're not patient too, but your blood pressure will be higher.

Changes: Se7en, Clora Clairvoyant, the Midwest Hick all moved, so their links are now accurate again. Anonymous Coworker got his very own big-boy domain for his blog, so that link's available now too. All the new Hot Bloggers are excellent reads, so check 'em out and comment 'em up. Tell them I sent you.

Yes, that's a fucking order.

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Blog Maintenance

October 11, 2005 at 12:06 pm (Housekeeping)

Hiya everyone.

It’s been blog maintenance day over here at SSS’s Whiplash Smile. It looks like Tom’s Top Blogs is back up so you can respond to my constant need to be on top by voting again if you like. I should just dump the thing, but I still have this sick belief that the #1 blog on any list should never be one that steals material without the common sense to at least credit it back to me and to quit sucking my Photobucket bandwidth and put it on your own image host Mike you putz.

I moved the hot list into the regular list, and added five new blogs. Kevin Smith doesn’t blog often, but when he does it’s usually everyday insanity, better than you come here for.

Hearing Mr. K’s head explode over the structure of the last sentence. Sorry, dude.

Osbasso‘s site is really good too, and I’m not just talking about HNT, which I will not be jumping into in the near future due to such pictorials making Beo‘s head explode faster than EDTA in a vampire’s bloodstream. Scary Personals is a special brand of snark triggered by Scared Bunny’s creator taking on the job of approving personal ad photos for some online dating site. You’d think he’d know better than to fuck with the obviously insane, but apparently he hasn’t learned his lesson. The Dive Bar Verses is listed for those in need of a Darker-than-Moi read, and Stranded in Suburbia is another metro Detroit area lady with lots to say. Reminds me–thanks for the turn-on to Laurie’s work, Se7en.

I’m sure I’ve missed adding someone I’ve been meaning to add–if you think that’s you, leave me a comment and I’ll get it rectified. Even if you don’t think it’s you but think I should add your link anyhow, leave a comment. If you especially don’t want me adding your link, comment anyhow, just so I know who to abuse.

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