RbW: Sidekick Thieves

June 10, 2006 at 2:55 pm (Raised by Wolves)

I don’t exactly recall how I found out about all this (I suspect I found it surfing thru BlogMad), but damned if this doesn’t just point up what happens these days when dumbfucks are allowed out without a leash.

It seems this guy’s friend accidentally left her Sidekick in a NYC taxicab. Once the person realized she lost it, she text messaged the phone repeatedly offering a reward for its return. Messages went unanswered, so the woman got a new Sidekick. Once she got the new one going, she found the AOL name and passwords of the person (who by then knew the phone wasn’t abandoned property and kept it anyhow, legally stealing it) who had the phone. Since the service on the stolen Sidekick automatically uploaded all pictures and other data to and from the phone, the woman and her friend had plenty of information on the thieves.

The story gets long, involved and hairy from there, so it’s best if you go see the whole thing at the website established to see if there’s any shame left in people on this planet, How NOT to steal a Sidekick.

And so, for not having enough common sense NOT to keep something that clearly doesn’t fucking belong to your dumbfuck moron asses, the Corona Crew of Queens becomes this week’s Raised by Wolves Poster Children:

I’ll bet her momma is SO proud!

Stupid slut.


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Stupidity Breeds Stupidity

April 29, 2006 at 11:26 am (Funny Shit, Pop Culture on Parade, Raised by Wolves, Rant Goodness)

The TomKitten is loosed upon the world. Brangelina have bred and are awaiting the results. Fetus Spears has already been the cause of one call to CPS. And now we have news that Fetus Spears V.2 is in production. I could go on with the list of luminaries that are about to spit out babies or have done so recently, but it'll just belabor the point.

The point is, I read daily on blogs and hear all over the media about "stupid people shouldn't breed," or "people should have a license to have babies," or some other supposed remedy for the multitude of annoying fucks who give birth to more stupid, annoying fucks. Last night on Mind of Mencia I heard what should have been occurring to all those who lament that the world is getting dumber. To quote:

Mencia: If you have one D student, who are they gonna breed with? ANOTHER D student! And when one D student breeds with another D student, what do you get?

Audience: DeeDeeDee!

Finally, someone ELSE who totally gets that combating stupidity requires guidance! His suggestion was to require C students to only make babies with A students to increase the chances of producing a child bright enough to pound sand. I think my idea is much better: Having smart people step up and out-produce the stupid people child-wise.

I'm totally serious! Make a smarter world, smart people, one squalling shit factory at a time!

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RbW Poster Child of the Week

April 28, 2006 at 12:29 pm (Raised by Wolves)

This week’s Raised by Wolves Poster child is the tour company who booked four busloads of kids to go on a trip to reward them for being top students for a day when Six Flags Marine World in Vallejo, California was closed.

From the article:

“It was pretty much a fiasco,” said Washoe County School District spokesman Steve Mulvenon. “They ended up wasting a day that those kids could have better spent in class or doing what they were going to do at the park.”

Gee, there’s an understatement. I’ll be really surprised if there isn’t more flak on this from both students and parents involved. I’m also wondering why the company’s name isn’t mentioned.

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RbW, like we didn’t know already

April 18, 2006 at 9:24 am (Raised by Wolves)

Tom “Fucknut” Cruise has been in the news quite a bit in the last couple of years, having completely lost his mind since parting ways with former wife Nicole Kidman. Unfortunately, his notoriety isn’t due to good works or new projects, instead being centered on said mind-loss.

For example:

1. Tom appears on Oprah and shows less self-control than a 10 year old boy with ADD who’s off his Ritalin.

2. He meets, romances and impregnates a woman who’s been looking more shell-shocked by the day.

3. He proceeds to further demonstrate his lack of mind by buying an ultrasound machine for the sole purpose of spying on Fetus TomKat.

4. He’s declared a silent birth for the baby, including not allowing its mother to speak to it for one week post-birth.

5. He tops all the above with this declaration, quoted from The Sun:

TOM Cruise has claimed he will eat the PLACENTA after fiancée Katie Holmes has their baby.

Say WHAT? Either he’s trying to generate publicity for his new movie (that I won’t link here because I don’t believe in rewarding idiocy) or he just doesn’t understand that there are things that fall into the “No one needs to know this shit” category.

So, for his contributions to the increasing need for mental health care, idiocy and furthering pubic opinion of Scientology as an insane cult whose tax-exempt status should be pulled faster than the Shrub can say “Weapons of Mass Destruction,” Tom Cruise is once again awarded the Whiplash Smile “Raised by Wolves” Award.

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This Week’s RbW

April 4, 2006 at 1:18 pm (Raised by Wolves)

This week’s nominee for the Raised by Wolves Award is a youth minister in Liberty, MO. Aw, he’s such an adorable, kind, gentle dude too, aside from his sudden switch to Rochambeau, South Park style. Via CNN:

Youth minister smites dodgeball opponent

LIBERTY, Missouri (AP) — A youth minister was charged with assault for allegedly knocking down a 16-year-old boy and kicking him in the groin after taking a head shot from the teen in a dodgeball game.

David M. Boudreaux, 27, was charged Wednesday with one count of third-degree assault. According to court documents, the incident happened in February at Crescent Lake Christian Academy.

The article goes on to describe how a youth minister, supposedly called to minister to kids, left a teenage boy pissing blood and concussed. Why would such a FINE example of a man of God be moved to such violence? Did he catch the boy beating on another kid? Was the 16 year old dealing drugs on God’s time? If so, did he run out before the minister placed his own order?


This newest member of Serra’s RbW Hall of Fame beat the bloody piss out of a kid BECAUSE THE KID HIT HIM IN THE HEAD WITH A DODGEBALL.

What? I didn’t stutter. The kid nailed him in the head–

OK, I gotcha. I can’t fucking believe the petty childishness carried out by this supposedly responsible and caring adult either.

The article continues:

Boudreaux later apologized, prosecutors said.

I hope it was for making Jeebus cry too, because you totally know he did make Jeebus cry, just like He does when Boudreaux masturbates to child porn, uses the offering money for hookers and blow, and for making even his wolf foster parents sad because he’s not only a shitty excuse for a minister, but he’d be a shitty excuse for a wolf, an anteater, and/or a cockroach crack whore.

Raising my hand over the toilet handle…Here’s to you, David Boudreau.


I, Serra, High Priestess of Pissed-Off, do hereby consign your soul to the location of its peers.

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You’re not fooling anyone

January 20, 2006 at 2:00 pm (Pop Culture on Parade, Raised by Wolves, Rant Goodness, WTF)

Hat tip to Towleroad for this one

Tom Cruise is whining again, folks, like that should be a fucking surprise to anyone who's had his jumping on couches and strange relationship press field days shoved down their throats. I just thank Dog for Netflix–anytime some dumbass makes the mistake of thinking this dillhole's life is worth reporting on I have something else to watch. The difference this time is that the reason Slapnuts is in the news reeks of censorship.

It seems that the Scientology poster assface doesn't like an episode of South Park. I'm sure you all know which one he doesn't like. Well, in the US, if a public figure doesn't like being made fun of, that's just tough shit. According to the laws, celebrities don't get to object when they're made fun of because it's a side effect of making all that Undogly money that they make. Good for all us cranky, snarky bloggers, isn't it? Unfortunately, it may not work the same way in the UK. It seems Mr. Cruise is threatening to sue if the episode airs again, and reportedly Paramount has agreed.

Aw, hell, Paramount–suck it up. If one looks at the literal content of the episode, Tom Cruise is literally in (Stan's) closet and all his friends are just begging him to come out. It's an (animated) representation of (a badly drawn) Tom Cruise in a (pretend) closet in a (non-existent) house in a (made-up) little white bread mountain town.

In other words, "What's the big fuckin' deal, bitch?"

If it's the overall implication that he's actually gay but not telling anyone that bothers him, that's just tough shit. After all, if two marriages, two children, innumerable relationships and a massive pile sprinkling of talk concerning Tom Cruise having relationships with men and the assload of video and still pictures tiny little small snippets of images that really aren't him at all supposedly in gay-looking positions don't convince the world that Tom Cruise is not gay, how will one more lawsuit manage it all by itself?

After all, most legal opinion is that while Tom can certainly try to sue, most of the approaches his legal team can take to a lawsuit miss an important link somewhere along the line. While he can be mad all he wants about the episode, it's clear that its intent is satirical, not defamatory. He would also need to prove any harm to his reputation or his career by either picturing him unwilling to get his sorry ass out of a little boy's closet or by the scene's use as a euphemism for a man hiding his homosexuality. Seems to me it'd be pretty difficult to prove that one little cartoon trashed his career, in the face of all he's done to destroy his credibility as an action star all on his own.

In short, I was never crazy about the little whiner, and I've become less crazy about him because his behavior in the past year has not been that of a stable individual. Normal people do not jump up and down on Oprah's couch, moon repeatedly over a woman they've only dated a month, get into bitchfights with NBC interviewers based on little more than being asked to back up a line of bullshit Tom came up with in the first place, nor do they go buy fucking home ultrasound machines when their girlfriends are pregnant.

Tom Cruise did these things, not anyone he may choose to sue for piss-taking him on a stupid (but hilarious) cartoon show. If he doesn't want people making fun of him, he should quit making it so fucking easy to do so.

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RbW Update: Girlfriend fired

January 16, 2006 at 8:37 am (Raised by Wolves)

In an update to this week's Raised by Wolves, Julie Carpenter, The Impaler's love mate, pagan bride and favorite snack, has been fired from her job, within hours of Jonathan "The Impaler" Sharkey's announcement that he is running for Governor of Minnesota.

From KARE 11's website:
Hat tip to MooCow for the link and info

The partner of the new gubernatorial candidate, Jonathon "The Impaler" Sharkey, says she's been unjustly fired from her job.

News traveled fast Friday when Sharkey announced he was a vampyre and he wants to be Minnesota's next governor. Just hours after the Friday news conference, Sharkey's girlfriend learned she was losing her job as a school bus driver.

On Saturday she tearfully read from the letter the Princeton School District gave her employer, Peterson Bus. The letter says, "It is our opinion that Ms. Carpenter does not serve as a role model, nor is suitable to provide transportation services for the Princeton School District, in light of recent media reports of her husband/friend to be a vampyre who is running for public office, and Ms. Carpenter informing other bus garage employees that she is a witch."

As far out in left field as I think these two are (and that's a fucking far-flung mile), I think the bus company has probably just financed the campaign singlehandedly. Playing Vampy Scooby Snack in her off-the-bus hours, while decidedly odd, isn't illegal. It's certainly not illegal to be handfasted to someone running for pubic orifice. So long as she isn't sacrificing children instead of transporting them to and from school, there really was no cause to fire her under the law.

Yes, I'm getting to the point, folks, shush.

Since there's no mention of misconduct, poor work attendance, or other acceptable reasons to shitcan the lady, it sure looks from here like there's a nice juicy discrimination suit just waiting for the right bus-chaser to come along. It's nearly 2 pm Central time, and by now I'm sure there's a legal secretary in front of a computer, pouring legalese into a document so that it's ready to file as soon as the courthouse opens tomorrow, thereby starting the process of making sure Mr. Sharkey and his ladylove have no problem financing this whole fiasco.

My congratulations to the Peterson Bus Company and to the school district of Princeton, Minnesota. I'm sure the whole town is damned proud of your discriminatory stand-up stupidity behavior.

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Raised by Wolves Poster Child of the Week

January 15, 2006 at 10:28 am (Raised by Wolves)

I’ve read a couple of posts about the new candidate for Governor of Minnesota, Jonathan “The Impaler” Sharkey and just couldn’t see that anyone would seriously make claims such as being a vampire (Sorry, Jon…may I call you that? Tough shit–I’m going to anyhow), a Satanist and owner of two covens (link link Since when does anyone actually OWN a coven? I thought they were run differently, but what do I know?) and still expect to be taken seriously as a candidate for Governor.

I thought it was a publicity stunt. Shows you how much I know.

I had originally intended to take an objective view of Sharkey’s candidacy, but I just can’t type when I’m laughing so hard tears are coming out my eyes. Most of the material I cut consisted of nicely explaining that no matter how many times a Student Council candidate claimed he was putting a hot tub in the caf, it NEVER happened.

NEVER, Jon. That’s how your issue points and your solution to them come across.

Having said that, let’s also state the obvious: This man’s a fruitbat of the highest order, an absolute nut goodie, and if he thinks his blood-sucking ass will be living in the Governor’s Mansion or the White House, he’s been Raised By Wolves.

Duuuuude. Seriously. There is no way in Blue Hell that you will ever be elected to either Governor or President. There’s a couple reasons for that, and I’m surprised you didn’t think about them before blowing all that cash on the nomination papers.

1. You’re a Witch, a Satanist, and a fucking Vampire! (Don’t correct my spelling, Jon. I know you spell it Vampyre and I just don’t give a rat’s ass.) If you’ve been involved with politics practically since birth as you claim here, then you know as well as I do that even the most lily white of hearts is blackened, either with truth or with lies, during a political campaign. You even spell out how it’s happened to you personally in other failed campaigns. Not even the state that elected Jesse Ventura will allow you to govern it.

2. People just aren’t going to buy the impalement shit, Jon. Personally, I’m pissed off that you left my assbag neighbors off the list, but even the most extreme left-living folk aren’t going to believe they’ll someday be able to view bodies on pikes outside your mansion. Not only does Minnesota NOT have a death penalty statute on the books, no state in the Union has one allowing impalement as a legal way to execute Death Row inmates. There are too many pivotal legal changes that must come about for anything you’re using as talking points to ever actually happen.

3. Announcing that you’ll be leaving the office of Governor (should enough Ecstasy fiends actually show up at the polls with enough concentration to vote you in) two years into the term of office to pursue the next step in Vampire World Domination is not going to help your candidacy, not even a little bit. It’s kind of like applying at McDonald’s and telling them you’re already scheduled to start at the Wendy’s across the street next week. I wouldn’t hire you at Mac and Don’s Supper Club and I doubt the voters of Minnesota will hire you either.

All that said, I think your candidacy will get a lot of attention in the coming months.

Pointing and laughing is attention, isn’t it?

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RbW: Fred Phelps et al

January 11, 2006 at 11:04 am (Other Bloggers, Raised by Wolves)

I was going to blog about Westboro Baptist Church’s intention of picketing at the funeral of the miners who died in the Sago mine, but Malnurtured Snay beat me to it. He did such an excellent job that I have little to add.

The only note I can add is that it’s obvious that Fred Phelps and his spawn were indeed Raised by Wolves. They’re such a textbook case of RbW that I’m making them the RbW Poster Child for 2005.

Here’s where I make the case, back in August and September:

You MUST Be Kidding is located about 3/4 of the way down the archive page.

He’s at it Again is near the bottom of the page as well.

Go see Snay and catch the latest shit.

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Raised by Wolves Poster Child of the Week

December 9, 2005 at 2:19 pm (Raised by Wolves)

This week’s RbW Poster Child is a special shame for a police department on the verge of being phased out and replaced with Oakland County, Michigan’s Finest.

Just go read the article–it really does say it all.

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RbW Poster Child of the Week

November 30, 2005 at 8:40 pm (Raised by Wolves)

Do you ever wonder where some people get their strange, distorted, erroneous, dumbassed views on some subjects? I do but I've been at a loss as to how to highlight the most truly deluded specimens. Of course, I wouldn't be writing this post if I hadn't found the solution.

I'm starting the Raised by Wolves Poster Child of the Week.

This week's Poster Child came to my attention via a blog I've never run into before, The Daily Blitz. I'm going back there in a bit to do some reading, but this Craigslist ad just begs for someone to answer this ad, claiming to be June Cleaver's porn star sister, who happens to have two degrees from Harvard, only to reveal that he's actually a 6'10" professional wrestler when they finally meet.

One small quote, sufficient to set the Women's Rights Movement back 100 years:

I have heard girls get upset about this. They say, "it is not my job to be sexy all the time," or "It is not my job to meet your definitions of sexy." And I say, bullshit. Have you never stepped outside? Who raised you? It IS your job. It may not be your job to be sexy ALL the time, but you better believe it is your job to be sexy when you are around me, my friends, our friends, and the neighbors. I am not saying you have to dress up, I am only saying you need to figure out where/what and how to create your sexiness and make sure I agree with it.

I would have to hurt this clueless motherfucker. No, it wouldn't be the "I've tried and tried and I'm afraid we're just not as compatible as we first thought when I tossed your salad and let you spooge all over my breasts." It would be the, "Why, yes, it is a new baseball bat. I bought it with your credit card so that after I beat you to a bloody pulp with it, I can dump it beside your lifeless, clueless ASS!"

That, for me, would be truly finding my inner sexiness. Fuck him if he doesn't approve.

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This Week’s Dumbass

October 19, 2005 at 11:49 am (Raised by Wolves, WTF)

And…this week’s Dumbass Superior award goes to the Spokane County, WA deputies who took the “Race back to the office” contest just a tad too far.

You three are the biggest dumbasses that ever walked the earth.

I just thought you should know that.

Link found on MalnurturedSnay‘s blog–thanks!

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Oh, Muff Diver…

September 24, 2005 at 11:51 am (Raised by Wolves, WTF)

Just a quick note–calling me a cunt and trying to advertise in my comments are both sure-fire ways of getting banned. Not only do both show a stellar lack of brains, they also show that you just don’t get blogging in general.

This is MY fucking blog. Mine. It is not a blogocracy–it is a blogtatorship. I rule here. If you were raised with so few manners that you walk into MY house and call me names, then you have no right to comment on what you see here. Since that’s exactly what you, my stupid little saprophyte, have shown me, the privilege of commenting here is no longer yours. I seldom ban people here–I love a good argument, well-worded and relevant, so I never ban anyone who respectfully disagrees. I do ban fuckfaces who have nothing better to do than see how much shit they can stir up.

You’re cordially invited to take your happy ass (which I know the exact location of) back to whatever rock you crawled out from under and to stay there. I know exactly where you’re blogging from, who provides your Internet access, and if you make it necessary I’ll stuff your ass back under that rock myself.

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Biggest Douche in the Universe

September 10, 2005 at 3:00 pm (Raised by Wolves, WTF)

And…the award for The Biggest Douche in the Universe (This Week) goes to…

House Majority Leader Tom DeLay!

This stellar example of something that should be put to best use washing out stenchy snootches asked a bunch of little refugee boys, "Now tell me the truth boys, is this kind of fun?"

Rep. Delay, I hereby award you a BIG-ASSED slap upside the head with a vinegar-and-water soaked towel!

Fucking dumbass!

Thanks to Andy at Towleroad and The Raw Story for the story and the links.

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He’s at it again

September 6, 2005 at 4:20 pm (Raised by Wolves, Rant Goodness)

From Towleroad and PageOneQ

Yeah, I mean that dickhead Fred Phelps. Seems he's found a whole new area of funerals to picket. This soul-sucking asshat now wants to picket the late Chief Justice William Rehnquist's funeral, on the grounds that "on whose official watch America went to Hell in a faggoty handbasket."

What is it with this guy? Anything or anyone that takes the national spotlight off his intolerant, ignorant, inbred ass is automatically the work of the devil? The moment anyone looks away from his constant bids for attention, he's got to find a way to focus it back on him?

Is this guy five years old mentally? Then let's spank him and send him to his corner without any supper.

Then again, he might like that.

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You MUST Be Kidding

August 7, 2005 at 9:40 pm (Raised by Wolves, Rant Goodness)

I did work-friendly-up the title of this post, because I want folks to be able to see it. Frankly, I wish these sites were jokes–as far as the extensive reading I did today shows, they do not seem to be satire or joke sites. That is unfortunate, for the spew on these sites is really sick, even to my somewhat offensive taste. All direct quotes from the Westboro Baptist Church's website, http://www.godhatesfags.com and http://www.godhatesamerica.com , appear because of this statement at the bottom of every page on the website–"All original material on this web site is © 1955-2005 Westboro Baptist Church. You may use any of our material free of charge for any reason."

My buddy Bobbi over at Rants of an Old Blonde posted this to a discussion list we both belong to:

On the [other Yahoo discussion list] list there have been unfortunately sad reports about a Baptist Minister sending out protestors at funerals of soldiers-this man and I use that term loosely is supposed to be a Minister yet he has a very sick idea of his religion – he has a whole site dedicated to this – telling his followers to protest funerals [of killed-in-action soldiers from the US]…sad very sad…

It piqued my interest–who in their right minds stages protests at military funerals? So I went looking, and I found out. I still can't believe this bullshit. I have found no proof that this is not the newest hate crime I've been made aware of. All material I have found seems to be 100% serious, and I am 100% disgusted.

Turns out the minister (and I'm using the term loosely as well since I can't find any proof of ordination–however, he was ordained in 1955, long before Gore invented the Internet) is as serious as a heart attack. It seems that Fred Phelps and his gang of self-righteous Neo-Nazi hatemongers at the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, KS has decided that certain groups of people are going to Hell. Not only does this inbred gang of insane Biblethumpers tell folks they're going to Hell, they stage protests at funerals of AIDS victims and soldiers killed in Iraq, all the while suing to shut up their opposition and shrieking their First Amendment rights at the top of the same lungs used to harass and intimidate those who do not agree with them.

Correct me if I'm wrong, since I haven't had the finely-tuned Comparative Religions classes that I know many of my readers have, but if WBC is a Christian church, isn't it God's job to decide who's going to Hell? Here's old Freddie Asshat's answer, which I think sums it up. I've left off the Bible verses he cites to "prove" why he gets to spew hate; most of the rest of his words appear below in the FAQ straight from the website:

Doesn't the Bible say not to judge?

Yes. However, you may not understand what that means. It means not to judge unrighteously, it means not to judge using your human judgment, and it means not to judge hypocritically. In other words, don't substitute your judgment for God's, and don't judge other people when you are guilty of impenitently engaging in the same sins (i.e., Don't cast the first stone). However, there are several verses in the Bible where we are told to judge. [Several Bible quotes snipped for brevity–see the link for full text]

Many people use the story of the woman taken in adultery as an excuse to not ever preach to anyone. The simple truth of the matter is that Christ not only preached at the woman, but also at all of her accusers. By saying "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her," Christ was not speaking of someone who was entirely free from any and all sin, as there was no such person other than Christ himself. [Snipped for brevity–see link for the interpretation of the Bible which does not appear here.]

Crying "judge not lest you be judged" or "let he who is without sin cast the first stone" is a favorite tactic among fags and so-called Christians, just like it was among the ancient Sodomites. [More Biblical justification for chronic hate snipped.] It really doesn't make any sense to use these verses against someone who is following Christ's command to preach to every creature, because preaching and judging aren't the same things. So if you're going to use these verses, at least use them in context – don't be a typical sodomite and say it just because you're too weak-minded to address the issues.

If you still think that we aren't supposed to judge under any circumstances, then you better not tell me to stop judging. Otherwise, you'd be guilty of judging me.

I could go on, but this is pretty typical shit, straight from the horse's ass' website.

Now–my big question–where does this ape-faced child-abusing, wife-beating bastard get off picketing the graves of soldiers who fought for his right to BE a loud, obnoxious, hating, nationally-known asshole? Again, from the website:

Letter to a Vulgar Suzy

Hello Simpleton Suzy. (Whatever your real name is, you coward, Suzy fits you perfect, because you’re an empty headed girl by whatever name or gender.)

Let’s get something straight you blaspheming idolater: The take over of fags in this country is expressly at the hands of pious righteous “masculine/straight” “men” like the dead fool Piper. [Ed. note–I inserted the link. It quotes a story about picketing the funeral of Sgt. Christopher Piper] He and his self righteous will worshiping kind live for themselves, not God; they fill up the “churches” with so-called Christians who are as filthy and sinful as the fags; and they have lost all moral authority to tell these fags they’re doing wrong. They are integrally connected to and directly responsible for the state of things in this country.

Further, while we were busy telling this evil nation to repent, our church was bombed with an IED. I’m sure that tickles you down to your fat toes, which is precisely the point. Did you think the God of Eternity was going to sit back and let this country mock his messengers and persecute the righteous without retribution? Did you think this country could lift its filthy middle finger to God indefinitely without a consequence? Of course you did, because you and your kind think you’re smarter than God, and that you’re in charge. Well you’re wrong! God is in charge, and the Destroyer is not dead. Your quarrel is not with us; it’s with God; he could stop these IED’s and similar deaths at Iraqi hands as easily as he started them. But he’s not going to, because he’s had enough of this God-awful country, and its military prowess, and its precious “fruit” (as that arrogant ass Rumsfeld and his minions call them). He’s telling this nation in the plainest terms what he thinks of their strength; he’s blowing them to smithereens in unprecedented numbers. So don’t cuss us, you fool, wake up and smell the brimstone and the wrath of God!

This nation is doomed. That is our message. It is directly relevant when a dead soldier’s funeral is used to glorify this evil disobedient rebellious country. You all make it a media circus, so we’re going to use the platform to remind you that America is doomed. If you don’t like that, shut up, make the funeral private, and quit kissing America’s ass.

[Further ranting snipped for brevity once again–this fuckface has his own website so if you've got a strong stomach, you can read more there. It's funny until you remember this dipshit is on a mission from Dog.]

I'm amazed at the extent of this dipshit's dogma–until I read the documents on this site. They're documents from a court case to determine ownership of a book written at the behest of a publisher, who later caved to pressure not to publish it in spite of their promise to its author. They later published a diluted version of Jon Michael Bell's expose and Mr. Bell dropped the suit. Essentially, it's the last thing Fred Phelps and Westboro Baptist Church wants you to read.

I suggest reading every single word. I'm going back to finish it right now.

Have a nice day.

Oh, and Mr. Phelps? False prophets make Baby Jeebus cry.

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