I’m very sorry

May 22, 2006 at 6:44 am (The initials are)

To those of you who received unsavory comments regarding my character on your blogs, I extend my heartfelt apologies. The person who left them is a very sick individual whom I've discussed before (see the category "The initials are" in my sidebar).

I'd really appreciate it if those of you who were plagued by this menace would email me with the comment and any electronic fingerprints you found with it. I'm working on legal action against this person due to the comments she left here, and any help you can give would be much appreciated. I'll explain more once certain actions are in progress, I promise.

Oh–and to my little stalker? I suggest another hobby be acquired immediately.

UPDATE: She does indeed have another hobby, as she's spent her morning putting up a whole blog dedicated to little ol' me. I'm flattered.

Updating the update:  The site is down. I agreed to pull every reference to her legal name from this blog. This is done as of 1:30 pm Monday.  Anyone who has had their blog spammed can email me with the proof needed to show the user responsible (IP, etc.) Thanks. 


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October 27, 2005 at 9:02 pm (The initials are)

I can't believe I'm back here with another post. I'd not intended to mention LN by name again, but she's given up harassing nuns for Samhain (Christian, my poshly-scented ass! She's no more Christian than Anton LaVey) and gone back to picking on unsuspecting soapers.

In the last week she's declared herself the Morals Police. I can't believe this. She actually quit selling to a soaper I know a little, claiming she doesn't want to be associated with the website's marketing angle.

Look–all y'all–go see this nice lady's website. No, it's not LN's–it's the site of a woman she's harassing, claiming a degree in marketing (cough*bullshit*cough) that supposedly gives her the right to tell this woman her site's unprofessional, obscene and morally horrible. I completely disagree; you be the judge. Look for the nekkid soaps section and feel free to give her the nice business she deserves.

In addition, she's decided to tell the world that a supplier I know to be hardworking, honest and fabulous in many ways that this supplier doesn't know what she's doing. That's utter bullshit and I buy from this great lady every chance I get.

I'm certain this isn't all that's going on, since I'm finding a lot of search engine hits looking for The Demented Prevaricatrix, so I'll list a few archive pages so you can find my earlier rants about this psychotic bitch.

Number One (some of my better bitching)

Number Two

Those are the two I can find right now–I'll update the post if needed.

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October 2, 2005 at 9:06 pm (Rant Goodness, The initials are)

Yeah, I'm the bitch who knows everything tonight. I know it all, and it is all pissing me off.

Here's the list:

1. There's been a three-day fight going on with one of my discussion lists. If I didn't know better (and I really don't) I'd swear that disciples of Gary Young have infiltrated it just to stir shit with those on the list who qualify as experts (unlike Gary Young, who qualifies as the same sort of person as Miss Cleo. If you're thinking "cock-juggling thundercunt", you'd be entirely correct). I'm getting tired of it even as I realize the necessity of debunking the piles of bullshit being spread as Gospel concerning use of essential oils. So I stew, letting the experts (the REAL experts) handle it, getting more sick of the bullshit by the post.

2. One great big smack upside the head to the guy in my LotGD clan who thinks threatening death to those who don't join our clan is a way to win friends and influence people. No wonder his daughter quit our clan yesterday. And fuck no, we're not still going to obliterate the clan whose leader basically groveled and knelt at my feet yesterday, begging me not to kill his mostly-noob clan. You're just going to have to go be a heartless prick elsewhere.

3. For the hundredth time, there is no Apple essential oil (EO), no Lilac essential oil, no Cool Citrus Basil EO, no Cherry anything EO, and there sure as fuck is not any such thing as Love Spell EO! And, for the thousandth time, IF IT DOES NOT COME FROM A PLANT, ROOT, FLOWER OR OTHER LIVING THING POSSESSING VOLATILE OILS, IT IS NOT FUCKING DOG-DAMNED AROMATHERAPY, YOU LYING BOOTLICKING BITCHES!

3a. Good, organic, Helichrysum Italicum essential oil from Corsica, can be had for $45 for 4 ml, if one knows a wonderful person who ran a co-op (read: no profit made, charges cover costs only) and still has some at a very special price compared to the bigger sites at $197.50 per ounce (minimum order–most places run higher prices on smaller amounts). If someone (name removed due to whining) is selling fucking Heli from Europe (yeah right, WHERE in fucking Europe?) for $15 per OUNCE (as of Sunday night her website proves she is), there is something fucked up about it and HELL no you shouldn't buy it! Even if she used slave labor, distilled the entire field of 40 acres herself, blew her own fucking glass to put it in, and walked it to your front door she would not be able to sell what she claims she has for that price. Do your fucking homework, people!

4. This list could go on all night but I'll cut it short with three words:


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Oh, my Jeebus!

April 6, 2005 at 11:01 am (The initials are)

Note: Post edited

This is another message for my least favorite soapmaker–I wouldn't bother wasting the bandwidth but emailing her gets me nowhere because she blocks mail from anyone who doesn't kiss her ugly, prevaricating, sociopathic SKANK ass. That shit in the pot is SOAP–use some of what you claim to make!

You sociopath, if you could only remember your lies, you'd look much less ignorant than you do. You've even put them all on one website and you STILL can't keep them straight! Since my first letter to you, which I know you've read, you've only dug your own grave. If only you realized that you're just getting all the evidence on the charges that have been filed against you in one place, you'd quit wasting time making "allegations" on a website and spend the time packing to move to some locale without US extradition. Here's an even better idea–GO BACK TO CUBA! Other Cuban immigrants who have committed crimes have been repatriated. I can't think of a better place for you to be.

There's no sense in telling me you don't read this blog. Remember the IP's I used to PROVE you pretended to be someone named Berry when you hijacked a major Internet gateway's discussion list? I know your Internet fingerprints, you sociopathic retard–you're watching for more headlines about yourself here, just like you do everywhere else, such as (redacted website name)
As for (redacted website name) , you wouldn't know the truth if it walked up to you, whacked you upside your hypercephalic head, introduced itself and invited you out for a Coke with crushed ice, a craft show and a nice breast massage! The only TRUTH on that website is that it shows how you're violating your ISP and your webhost's Terms of Service by using their bandwidth and server space to commit harassment and stalking! The most glaring proof that you're packed to the eyeballs with your own excremental mental processes is that there is NO WAY TO CONTACT YOU ON THAT WEBSITE! You chickenshit lying prostitute, if you really wanted anything positive to come from that website you'd have a way for people to write to you, one you wouldn't block addresses on!

Speaking of stalking, how about the proof you put on your OWN website that you've harassed an elderly, terminally ill couple with lies about one of their family members who had the unfortunate luck of dealing with you? Once she chose not to take your Bible-thumping, hypocritical bullshit any longer, you went thru the phone books for their area and called the first name matching the one you knew so that you could whine about how badly YOU were treated? You're a bottom-feeding FREAK who is going to have charges filed against you for that piece of work.

Lastly, about that "peace" you offered. I don't blame the people you've slandered on that website ONE BIT for not kowtowing to your insatiable need for attention. What, your local police aren't giving you enough? It may not be all the attention you're going to get, but when you wind up taking Martha Stewart's place you're not going to be any fucking happier. First you claim that the women you've attempted to smear made no attempt to make peace with you–THEN you claim they offered to meet you in a CHATROOM (an offer that was never made!) and you TURNED IT DOWN? Make up your MIND, you insanity-ridden, pathetic excuse for a webmaster! There's no reason for those women not to tell their side of the story when you've already been ordered to REMOVE your website because of the crimes you've COMMITTED on it! Those people, who did NOTHING to you, are supposed to remove FOUR websites that commit NO crimes for you to remove ONE where you do? I think that's more of your egocentric, psalm-quoting, megalomanical, sociopathic, Internet-addicted BULLSHIT!

The soaping community is highly sick of your narcissistic drama, you incredibly deluded lying whore! People on that list you hijacked have told you so. You responded by removing their right to speak on a list you have NO right to own! You STOLE it–now you shut up all opposition. You may control one tiny little email list, but you do not control the five women you're defaming the characters of, you don't control your local police department, you CERTAINLY can't control your family, and if you think for one minute that your pathetic attempt to ruin my reputation worked you're sadly mistaken! You can't control me either. Anyone researching you on the Internet search engines finds this blog–Whiplash Smile is the #1 hit on Google for your name and isn't far behind on the other search engines out there either.

Good luck shutting me up–you're going to need it!

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LN Open Letter in Archives

March 20, 2005 at 9:08 am (The initials are)

Note: Post edited

For those looking, "An Open Letter To (redacted name)" is in the archives–click here to get to it.

This blog is the #1 Google Search on the Demented Prevaricatrix' name! I'm surprised it's not (redacted website).

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An Open Letter to (redacted name and state)

March 10, 2005 at 6:19 pm (The initials are)

Note: Post edited 

To the Gag-bitch who has little idea who's she's messed with this time:

You have fucked up. In your quest to completely trash the handmade bath and body industry, you have taken the one step that will ensure you no place online to hide. You have personally pissed me off. To quote you, posted to soapbusters Yahoo discussion list today, March 10, 2005:

"It's [Dipropylene Glycol] a solvent that is used, mostly by people who make incense. The purpose is that because fragrance is so expensive for the purposes of making incense sticks, the DPG allows a reasonable solution for makers of incense to be able to make incense affordably."

Let me explain why your ignorance is exceeded only by your false platitudes of faith.

First, you incredibly demented prevaricatrix, Dipropylene Glycol is used much more extensively than you lead your reader to believe. Go, now, look at the labels on things you didn't make. You will see that your food contains similar substances, your manufactured bath and body products contain it, and many things your sociopathic mind has no conception of have made use of this ingredient. Before you expose your complete lack of knowlege further, open a browser and do some research. You're in dire need of it.

Second, incense makers do not use DPG in order to cut manufacturing costs. I, like the many other careful, reputable craftsmen and artisans who make quality incense, use DPG in order to make BETTER incense, not CHEAPER incense. If I wanted to make cheaper incense, all I would need to do is use your fragrances, since it's well-proven that you have cut your product farther than I do for incense-making. Quality is the number one priority in my work, not profit or production cost. Improperly treated, full-strength fragrance oils produce black, soot-laden smoke, unlike the light whitish-gray smoke that well-made incense produces in the burn. I prefer to get full-strength fragrance, then treat it with the appropriate amounts of diluent to ensure that I get strong, highly-scented, clean-burning incense.

Once again you have opened your mouth before putting what's left of your untrained brain into gear. You have spoken of a matter you have NO knowlege of in a belittling and derogatory manner. In doing so, you sanctimonious cunt, you have pissed me off on a personal level. I know every single thing you have done in your five years in business, and I have been angry because you've trashed and bashed many fine men and women in the supply side of this business. My anger at your incredibly astounding ignorance has risen now that you've touched on my personal work and pride in doing it well.

I will not allow you to continue to slander and libel good people. Before you perpetrate more incredibly moronic twaddle to the rare scentcrafter unfamiliar with your campaign of evil and those who have no clue that you are the Antichrist you fear the appearance of, you psalm-singing hypocrite, I strongly suggest you and the God or Goddess of your understanding have a chat, one where you admit to both of you that you have practiced evil incarnate in all the forms Christianity lists and many that you have thought up on your own.

God might just forgive you. This open letter is notice that I will not.

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A Hell Of A Week

March 4, 2005 at 1:02 am (Daily Dookie, Soaping and Knitting, The initials are)

Note: post edited

Wow! Now that I have time to write, where the hell do I start? It's been insane here! Let's go by the day:

Last Thursday: I opened the incense buy that's been hogging blog space. My email has been loaded non-stop since! It's going great and anyone who wants some best get some!

Friday: Invoice City–above-mentioned incense buy

Saturday: Asshat chasing, featuring someone who makes me wanna gag. I will definitely write this up once it's all over, but there's a strong possibility of legal action and I would not want to jeopardize that.

Sunday: More invoicing, but relatively quiet.

Monday: The shit has hit the fan with Gag-bitch. I haven't been personally slandered, yet. Migraine aura starts late this night.

Tuesday: Housework, contemplating the Beagle Diet, more Gag-bitch shit, topped off with a full-blown migraine.

Wednesday: Repeated doses of Migraine Defense do not break the migraine. Gag-bitch is mysteriously quiet (perhaps raiding the convent?) but one of her buddies is 12 days past due on an order payment, and it turns out said buddy has lied to me, about me and about another supplier. I terminate said buddy's order, leaving me stuck with $70 in pure fragrance oil. Migraine gets worse.

Thursday: More invoices, more housework. I get served with a Mrs. Occupant notice to vacate my home of the last 5 years. Gag-bitch decides to publish an email supposedly from a major fragrance maker, stating that Dipropylene Glycol is a common fragrance component. I am certain it is a lie but must prove it and will do so Friday. The migraine goes to fuck itself and leaves me. I go grocery shopping–yayyyyyy! Gag-bitch has also gotten a new hobby–stalking. This is an error on her part. It was a good day.

Today is Friday, March 4, 2005. Incense buy orders must be in by Midnight EDT tonight. I will call the above-mentioned fragrance manufacturer to authenticate the email I have. I will send notices to the rare individual who hasn't paid her invoice. Email will take 4 hours once again, but that's ok because you're all great to me there and you make this rotten bitch smile.

It's been a hell of a week.

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An Open Letter

March 2, 2005 at 10:55 am (Daily Dookie, Soaping and Knitting, The initials are)

To my faithful readers:

I do apologize for the non-bitch mode this blog's been in the past few days. Time pressures force sacrifice. Other than demonstrating that an individual (who only remains nameless due to lack of time) is not getting away with jack shit at this point in time, I have been remarkably patient with nearly everyone. My fellow soapers deserve and get my patient side, and the blog sees the balancing ranting over those non-soaping random fruitbats who don't deserve patience.

I expect two more updates for the incense buy, spread more thinly than the last two.

Other than that, it'll be back to The Bitch very soon.

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